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300 miles

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Q: How many miles could you driven with 18 gallons of gas?
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A Ford escort is driven 319 miles on 11 gallons of gas how many miles did this car car travel on 1 gallon of gas?


How many gallons of gas do you need to go 789 miles?

It depends on your gas millage. So, it depends on what you are driving. It could be 14 gallons could be 80 gallons.

How many gallons of gasoline does one car use in a year?

Take the car you drive, miles you drive per year, mileage of the vehicle divided into total miles will give you gallons used.6,000 miles driven by a car getting 30 mpg means it used 200 gallons.

If you drive ninety km in an hr how many miles have you driven?

You have driven 55.9234 miles.

A car goes 360 miles on 12 gallons of gasoline how many miles could it go on 4 gallons of gasoline?

Divide 360 by 12, then multiply by 4

549 miles on 21 gallons equals 366 miles on how many gallons?

549 miles on 21 gallons 366 miles on ? gallons 549 / 21 = 26.14 366 / 26.14 = 14 gallons 366 miles on 14 gallons

If you drove 44 miles and used 2 gallons of gas how many gallons of gas would you use in 528 miles?

This is a two part problem. First, you must determine the number of miles you can travel on one gallon of gas if it takes two gallons to travel 44 miles. This can be solved by dividing the miles driven by the gallons used. In this problem that would be 44/2 or 22 miles per gallon.Next, if you can travel 22 miles on one gallon, you want to determine how many gallons would be required to travel 528 miles. This can be solved by dividing 528 by 22 or 528/22 which equals 24 gallons.

How many miles can you drive in 16 gallons of gas?

how many miles can u drive with 16 gallons

How many miles could you drive with 15 gallons of gasoline at 32 miles per gallon?


When 1 gallons for 50 miles then how many gallons can we use for 450 miles?

It would use 9 gallons in 450 miles.

If a car had 15 gallons of gas in it and if it was driven over 60 miles how much gas had has left?

well there is a problem . the question doesn't state how many miles the car gets per gallon .

How many miles can a 18 wheeler travel on 200 gallons of diesel?

Depending on gross weight, motor, rear end ratios, speed driven, and terrain, and 28 wheeler will average between four and eight miles per gallon. Thus, on 200 gallons of fuel, one could travel between 800 and 1600 miles, all dependent on those factors.

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