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one mile is 5280 feet, 7040/5280 is 4/3

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Q: How many miles go into 7040 ft?
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How many miles from Sarasota FL to Ft Meyers FL?

...that's very easy..go to sarasota and try to measure on how many miles from sarasota FL to FT meyers FL ..........ehhh.

How many miles and feet does does 8000 ft go into?

1 mile, 2720 feet.

How many times does 70 ft go into 22 miles?

22 Miles equates to 116160 foot. Therefore 22 goes into 116160 5,280. 5,280

How many ft can go in 168 in?

14 ft.

How long will it take to go from Ft Myer FL to Ft Lauderdale FL?

It is 141 miles according to Google Maps.

How do you change feet into miles?

First of all, you need to realize that 1 mile = 5280 feet. Once this handy little piece of information is in your grasp, you can realize that to go from feet to miles (or miles to feet) is relatively easy. EXAMPLE 7000 ft = x miles => 7000 ft = (7000 ft)/(5280 ft) => 7000 ft = 1.32 milesOne mile = 5,280 feet.Therefore, multiply the number of miles by 5,280, and you will have the number of feet.

How many miles can a salamander go?

It can go 3 miles

How many feet per second does a ball go traveling 100 miles per hour?

100 mi/hr = (146 and 2/3) ft/sec

How many miles will i go in a day?

youed go 6 miles

If there are 13 ft then how many yards go into the feet?

13 ft = 4.33 yards

If you have 4 hours to go 15 miles how many miles an hour do you go?

3.75 miles an hour.

If you go thirty miles per hour and you are at 0.5 hours how many miles did you go?

15 miles

How many ft go into 120 in?


How many miles do you have to go to go around Jupiter?

exactly 483631840.05 miles.

How many feet go around a 16 ft circle?

16 ft x 3.1416=circumference= 50.26 ft

How many miles does a camaro go up to?

it can go 8,000,000 miles per hour

How many miles can a forest fires go?

If no one tries to stop the fire, they can go on for thousands of miles

How many yards go in 2 miles?

3,520 yards go into two miles.

How many times does 26 ft go into how many yards?

about 8.6666667

How many ft go into one mile?


How many ft go into 84 inches?


How many miles go on100gal at 5 miles a gallon?

500 miles !

How many miles can you go in 45 minutes doing 60 mph?

You can go 45 miles.

How many miles does a Honda goldwing last?

How many miles can a Honda goldwing go

How many miles is it to go to Scotland from Birmingham?

345 miles