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80........ Miles per hours, get it

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Q: If you are traveling 80 miles per hour how many miles will you go in one hour?
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How many miles can you travel in one hour traveling at 60 miles per hour?

60 miles

How many hours is 57 miles?

One if you are traveling at 57 miles an hour.

How many miles does a car traveling at 42miles per hour go in one hour?

(42 miles/hour) x (1 hour) or 42 miles.

If traveling at two feet per second how many miles have you traveled in one hour?

At two feet per second, you will travel 1.364 miles in one hour.

A car traveling 70 miles per hour is 20 miles behind a truck traveling 50 miles per hour how long will it take the car to overtake the truck?

an hour and one minute

How many mile can you go in a minute if you are going 70 miles an hour?

You can go 0.8 miles in one minute if you are traveling at an average speed of 70 miles per hour.

If you are traveling 80 miles per hour how long does it take you to go 80 miles?

It takes 1 hour!

Two cars leave the gas station in opposite directions one is traveling 50miles per hour and the other is traveling 45miles per hour how many hours will they be 380 miles apart?

If they are traveling in opposite directions, then they are traveling away from each other at a speed of 95 miles per hour. 380/95=4 They have been traveling for four hours.

How many hours it takes to travel 70 miles per hour?

If you are traveling 70 miles per hour, you will cover 70 miles in one hour.

If you are traveling at 65 miles per hour how many feet will you be traveling in one second?

95.3333333 feet per second == you can literally type "65 miles per hour in feet per second" into google and it does unit conversions and math for you.

How long does it take a car traveling at mph to cover 5 miles?

If a car is traveling at 5 miles per hour then it will travel 5 miles in one hour. At 50 mph it will take 6 minutes.

How many hour traveling by air from London to Scotland?

About one hour

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