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solely depends on the presence of legs.

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Q: How many miles in 10000 steps at 6 ft tall?
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How many miles tall is Olympus Mons?

16 miles tall and 320 miles wide!!

If someone is 29028 feet tall about how many miles tall is a mountain?

if a presonis 29028 feet tall about how many miles is a mountain

How many miles are 10000 steps?

Depends on how tall you are. I am about 5 feet 8 inches, and each step averages to 40 cm from toe to toe. That means that for me, each step is 0.4 meters. 1 km = 4000 steps, 1 mile = 6435 steps. They say you should take 10,000 steps per day. For me that would equal to 2.5 km or 1.6 miles. It's basically equal to a 1 hour walk assuming 100 steps per minute are taken. Every 15 seconds, I take 26 steps. 3 km/ hour, 4.15 calories per minute for 160 lbs. To get the benefits of physical activity, you must expend 700 to 800 calories in physical work. Three 1-hour walks would do that.

How many miles tall is California?

770 miles

How tall is 10000 dollars in inches?


How many miles tall is your atmosphere?


How Many miles Tall is k2?

K2 is 5.35 miles high.

How tall is a stack of 10000 quarters?

400 feet

How many miles tall is the empire state building?

It's 1454 feet tall, so that's about 0.2754 miles.

How many miles tall is Mount McKinley?


How tall is mt Kilimanjaro in miles?

3.663 miles tall.

How tall are the Alps in miles?

they are approx. 15263 miles tall.

How tall is mt fuji in meters?

Many people say it is 3376 miles tall, but in fact it is 3376 METRES tall (12,388 ft).

How tall is Cape Hatteras lighthouse?

193 feet tall and it weighs 4830 tons and has a total of 257 steps or 269 steps.

How many calories in 1500 steps?

I am 5.6 tall and i am 160 pounds when i do 1500 steps, i lose 100 calories. Most often, i lose 200 calories when i do 3000 steps. When i do 8500 steps, i lose 600 calories and so on.

How tall is Egypt on a map?

Egypt is 452 miles tall and 256 miles wide

Tallest mountain measuring over 10000 meters tall?

Mauna Kea in Hawaii

How tall the roof is on the Parthenon?

999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 miles tall

How many miles tall is the London eye?

Less than one tenth of one.

How many miles tall are you if you are 5 feet?

None, a mile is over 5k feet.

How tall is Miles Heizer?

Miles Heizer is 5'9

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Miles Mander is 6'.

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Miles Solay is 6'.

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Miles Kelley is 6'.

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Miles Teller is 6'.