How many millions are two billions equal to?

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Q: How many millions are two billions equal to?
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How many millions are there in two billions?

Two thousand of them because two billion is: 2,000,000,000

What number are you your millions digit is 4 your billions digit is two times your millions digit your hundred thousands digit is two more than your millions digit and three more than your ones digit?


How many billions is 2.5 billion?

Two and a half

Two crores is equal to how many millions?

1 crore = 10 million so 2 crores = 20 million. Simple!

What are two units larger than kilogram?

The ONLY unit larger than a kilogram that is commonly used is the tonne (pronounced 'metric ton'), which is equal to 1000 kilograms. For larger masses, you would only say "millions of kilograms", "thousands of tonnes", "billions of tonnes", etc.

How many ninths equal two-thirds?

How many ninths equal two-thirds?

How many thousands is 0.21 millions?

0.21 millions = 210,000 => two hundred and ten thousand

How many millions does two-hundred and seventy thousand equal?

270,000 is less than a million. It would be 0.27 (27/100) of a million-- around a quarter million.

How many billions does Donald trump have?

Donald Trump has no money and is in dept by two billion

How do you write seven billion three hundred two million five thousand seven?

in the SHORT SCALE of numbering used in USA and now in most of UK it will be: 7,302,005,007 in the LONG SCALE used in most of Europe and worldwide it will be: 7,000,302,005,007 this is because in the long scale you have the THOUSAND MILLIONS before the BILLIONS, that's why there are three additional zeros between millions and billions.

How many millions is equeal to 20 hundred thousands?

Two of them.

How do you write 6678466432 in words?

6,678,466,432 in words: Six billions six hundred seventy eight millions four hundred sixty six thousands four hundred and thirty two.

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