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1000 millions make one billion. (A LOT!)

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Q: How many millions makes you a billionaire?
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How many millions makes 1 billion?

A thousand millions makes a billion.

How rick is Miley Cyrus?

120.000 millions dollars O.o Almost a billionaire

How many zeros are there in ten millions?

Ten millions = 10,000,000 which makes 7 of them.

How many millions makes you a millionaire?


How many thousands makes a millions?

thousand time thousand makes a millon

How much is Kagame president of Rwanda worth?

close to being a billionaire: around 750 millions USD

How many syllables are in billionaire?

There are three syllables in billionaire - bill·ion·aire.

Which has more money a multimillionaire or billionaire?

A billionaire has more money, because the highest amount in the millions a millionaire could get would be "999 999 999". Which would make them a multimillionaire. But after that "999 999 999", once they get over that number they would have "1 000 000 000" which is a billion, making them a billionaire.

What job makes the most money in the world?

Being a billionaire

How many pars has Tiger Woods had?

Millions. There are no such records for how many pars he makes.

How many pages does The Billionaire of Dismal Downs have?

The Billionaire of Dismal Downs has 15 pages.

How many zeros dose hundred millions have?

100,000,000 which makes 8 of them

Is Charlie Sheen a billionaire?

He makes 2 mil a month and is still underpaid.

What was bill gates outcome of his inventions?

he makes $250 a he's obviously a billionaire.

How many compounds does carbon makes?

Tens of millions of carbon compounds are known today.

How many millions go in a billion in the US?

A thousand million makes a billion in the US.

How many billionaire in the US?

a lot

How many black billionaire in the US?


How many cells does a horse have?

Millions apon millions. Too many to count.

Was Michael Jackson a billionaire or millionaire?

Michael Jackson was not a 'billionaire' but he was very close, However he was in 100's of millions of pounds in debt. Future studys go on to say after his passing he will make billions of pounds and more to clear this outstanding debt in cash profits which will go to the family and his charity funding 'heal the world foundation'.

Is Amir khan a billionaire?

No. Amir khan is not billionaire. He is certainly a millionaire but according to the latest data released publicly he is a millionaire. He is a good actor and has produced many hits.

How many 100 bills would a billionaire have?

ten million

What instruments are featured in billionaire?

there a pikachu in billionaire

Who is the biggest billionaire?

The biggest billionaire is Bill Gates... check the billionaire list on Forbes

Is Bruno Mars a billionaire?

No he isn't a billionaire but i am sure he wons to be won he has also singing a song with Travie mccoy : Billionaire.