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90 seconds

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Q: How many mins aree in one and a half mintues?
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How long is 106 mins?

1 hour and 46 mintues

How many minutes in one half for soccer?

90 mins full time 45 mins each half

1000 mintues is how many hours?

1000 divided by 60 is 16.66666667 hours, which is 16 and two-thirds of an hour, or 16 hours 40 mins

How many mins are there in on and a half hours?

90 of them.

How many mins are in half a min?

90 seconds

How many minutes are there in 1 and a half of an hour?

90 mins

How many seconds are in 2 and a half mins?

150 seconds

Rugby union duration?

80 mins. 40 each half 80 mins. 40 each half 80 mins. 40 each half

How many days is 12 hours 35 mins?

12 hours and 35 mins is not a full day, it is only half a day and 35 mins

90 minute is how many hrs?

1 and a half.....60 mins is a hour and 30 is half

What is 30 mins as a decimal?

30 mins is half an hour. A half as a decimal is .50

How many minutes are there in 3 and half-hours?

210 mins.

How many sec s in 5 and a half mins?

330 seconds.

How many 5 mins are in 2 and a half hours?

There are: 150/5 = 30 of them

How long is 150 mins?

150 mins is 2 and a half hours

The number of eggs in a basket double every minute the basket is full in half an hour when was it half full?

29 mins, because at 30 mins it will have doubled the amount at 29 mins, making 29 mins halfway. it is NOT 30 mins!!

How many hours are in 270 mins?

Four and one half hours in 270 minutes

2.5 hours equal how many minutes?

1 hours = 60 minsso you double it, which makes 120 minsand then add half and hour which is 30 minsso in turn 2.5hours x 60mins2.5 hours = 150 mins

Is 1 in a half hour is 50 mins?


How long does a kid soccer game last?

some games are 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins or 40 mins each half depending on the ages

What is the duration of a junior rugby league game?

i play for under 15's and i get 30 mins a half but last year i had 25 mins a half

How many hours if you do something half hour?

0.5 hours / 1/2 an hour / 30 mins

How many minutes in two and a half hours?

one hour is sixty mins half an hour is 30 so: 2x60+30=150 minutes

Took me 4 and a half mins to walk one lap around apartment complex pond No idea how big Total walk 22 and a half mins 5 laps How can you convert mins to miles and Can this be measured?

No, there can be no conversion.

How long is half time in the afl?

20 mins