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390 minutes (i think?)

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Q: How many minutes is six and a half hours?
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How many minutes are in 6 and a half hours?

There are 390 minutes in six and a half hours.

How many minutes in six in a half hours?

There are 390 minutes in 6 hours and 30 minutes.

How do you write six and a half hours?

6hrs and 30 minutes

How many hours and minutes is 206 minutes?

Three hours and twenty-six minutes !

How many minutes are in ninety-six hours?

96 hours is 5,760 minutes.

How many hours is it from 815am to 235pm?

six and one third hours, or six hours and twenty minutes

How many hours and minutes from five forty-six am to noon?

6 hours 14 minutes.

How many years are in six minutes?

A half of year

How many hours minutes seconds to six days?

144 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds.

How many hours make 6 minutes?

Six minutes is 0.10 Hours or 1/10 of an hour.

How many minuits are there in six hours?

360 minutes

How many hours in a Jupiter day?

9 hours and fifty six minutes

How many minutes are in six and a half days?

6 and 1/2 days = 156 hours (60 minutes/1 hour) = 9360 minutes --------------------

How many minutes are in six hours?

60 minutes in an hour, 60 X 6 = 360 minutes.

How many hours are in eighty six minutes?

1hr 26min

Six hours 42 minutes is equal to how many seconds altogether?

6 hours 42 minutes is 24,120 seconds.

How many minutes from thirty five past six to half past seven?

55 minutes

888 minutes is how many hours and minutes?

888 minutes = 888/60 hours = 14.8 hours = 14 hours 48 minutes (every 0.1 of an hour is six minutes and 0.8 hour = 6 x 8 minutes = 48 minutes)

How many hours is 755 am until 501 pm?

That's 9.1 hours or nine hours and six minutes.

How long is 400 Minutes in hours?

six and 2/3 hours (6 hours and 40 minutes).

What is thirty minutes after six pm?

In English it is 6.30. 18.30 or half past six. In many languages it is half seven though - such as German - halb sieben

How many minutes is half of six hours?

180 minutes!!!!divide 6 in halfthen, multiple 3 by 60 (since their is 60 min in an hr)and u get 180 min!!!

How many minutes or hours do you have to wait for your moshling pet to come?

Approximately six to seven hours for them to grow properly.

How many hours 9 to 3.15?

six and a quarter

Is 6.25 hours six hours and 15 minutes?

Yes it is.

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