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It is: 15 minutes past the hour

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Q: How many minutes it the hour is it if is quarter past hour?
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How many minutes have passedin a quarter past the hour?

An hour is 60 minutes and if a quarter has passed after the hour then that means 15 minutes have passed past the hour.

How many minutes have past the hour if it is quarter to?


How many minutes past the hour at a quarter after one?


How many minutes have passed in a quarter past the hour?


How many minutes is it to the hour if it is quarter to the hour?

One hour = 60 minutes. Quarter hour = 15 minutes.Quarter [hour] to the hour = 15 minutes to the hour. OR start with the hour, say 1:00 PM. in fifteen minutes it will be a quarter after the hour. At thirty minutes it will be half past the hour. In forty five minutes it will be a quarter ( fifteen minutes) TO the next hour or a quarter to 2:00 PM.

How many minutes to the hour is it if it is quarter of the hour?

15 minutes. Each hour can be broken down into 4 quarters. 15 minutes after the hour is "a quarter past," and 15 minutes before the hour is "a quarter to." A On an digital clock, this would read (for example) 1:45 and it would be " a quarter to 2"

60 minutes equals how many quarter hours?

Each hour is 60 minutes. Therefore a quarter of an hour is 15 minutes.But, if it is a quarter to the hour, it is 15 minutes to the hour.For instance: 9.45 am is a quarter to 10 or 15 minutes to 10am. Or it could be 45 minutes past nine!

What does quarter to and quarter past mean?

Quarter to means 15 minutes before the hour; e.g. 5:45 Quarter past means 15 minutes after the hour; e.g. 16:15

What is quarter past 10 o'clock?

Quarter past is an expression 15 minutes past the current hour. Each quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. So quarter past 10 is equal to 10:15.

What does a quarter til means in time?

It means a quarter of an hour before the next hour. You may also hear a quarter after (15 minutes after the hour) and half past the hour (30 minutes after the hour).

What is 7.15 in time?

quarter past seven 60 minutes = 1 hour 60 x 1/4 = 15 minutes = quarter hour

What is the fraction for one hour?

Hourly fractions are minutes (1/60th), and seconds (1/3600th). Also, common time references are quarters (quarter of, quarter to, or quarter past the hour) and halves (half past the hour).