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I think probably 30min.

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Q: How many minutes or hours do most of the school have for lunch break?
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How many hours 9am from 5pm with a 30 min lunch?

9 to 5 is 8 hours. If you subtract the lunch break, you get 7 hours, 30 minutes.

How many hours 9am from 6pm with a 30 min lunch?

8 hours 30 minutes excluding the half-hour lunch.

How long do french school children have for lunch break?

The usual lunch break is 1H30 to 2 hours long in France. This allows pupils living in the vicinity to commute home and back to school after lunch.

How much time do French kids get for lunch break in France?

It is usual for students to have at least an hour for their lunch break. In fact most schools have a break one hour and a half, or 1H45, allowing pupils living nearby to commute home, take their lunch, and come back for the afternoon. Schoolchildren can also take their lunch at the school canteen.

By law how long is lunch time for school lunch?

Still looking for a real answer to this question for Florida schools. Florida labor laws say that a half hour break for every 4 hours worked is required for workers under the age of 18, but so far I have found nothing about school lunches. My son's school just went to 30 minute combined lunch and recess with the state requiring 20 minutes for recess. So, lunch is now 10 minutes in a school with over 70% of the students on free or reduced lunch.

How many hours is between 915 am to 745 pm with 30 minutes lunch break?

10 hrs

How long should school lunch hours be?

60 minutes, that's the average duration of an hour.

How long is one day of school in France?

The school day is about seven hours of class. The lunch break is at least one hour.

How many hours is left on a 8 hour shift after 1 15 minute break and 30 minute lunch?

7 hours, 15 minutes

How long are Ursuline in school for?

In the Ursuline you are in school for 6 and a half hours. school starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:30. first 15 minutes = form time. 2hrs of lessons.15 minutes of break 1 hrs of lunch and 2 hrs of lessons.then go home.

How long is a normal lunch break every day?

Per four hours worked, break times usually last between five and twenty minutes

Will you have a lunch break when your a teacher?

yes depends if that school has a lunch room and you usually get a break when during the student's lunch time