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1 lap is 400 metres. 5 mins 11 sec is 311 sec. 311/1500x400 is 82.933 seconds or 1 min 23 seconds

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2013-12-11 23:54:53
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Q: How many minutes per lap in a 1500meers at 5 minutes 11 seconds?
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If Diane can skate 12 lap in 15 seconds she can skate one lap in how many seconds?

1.25 seconds.

How many seconds per lap do you do for a 6 minute mile?

1.50 minutes per lap. But you could get a 2.55 on your first 800 meters then a 3.00 on your second and you will have a 5.55 mile! or you can adjust your times to get 6.00 minutes.

What is world record for swimming a mile?

14 minutes 34.56 seconds for long course lap swimming and 14 minutes 26.62 seconds for short course.

What is the average number of seconds it took Eric to run each lap if he ran 8 laps in 11 minutes and 44 seconds?

88 seconds

Bathurst 1000 best lap time 2003?

2 Minutes 6.8594 seconds by Greg Murphy

Who has the record of the fastest lap of bathurst in a v8 supercar?

Greg Murphy 2 minutes 06.8594 seconds

Who holds the record for the fastest lap at Bathurst in V8 Super Cars?

Greg Murphy holds the qualifying lap record of 2 minutes 06.8594 seconds

Marty walked 4 laps around the park track It took Marty 4 minutes to walk the first lap The second lap took 25 percent longer than the first lap The third lap took 20 percent longer than the second la?

Assuming that it took Marty 15% longer than the third lap to walk the 4th lap, it will have taken Marty 6.9 minutes to walk the 4th lap, for a grand total of 21.9 minutes to walk all 4. (4*1.25=5; 5*1.2=6; 6*1.15=6.9; 4+5+6+6.9=21.9). lap 1 = 4 minutes lap 2 = 4minutes x 1.25 = 5 minutes lap 3 = 5 minutes x 1.20 = 6 minutes lap 4 = 6 minutes x 1.15 = 54 seconds total time = 21 minutes 54 seconds. Both answers are correct. I was not able to view all of the question the first time I read it.

If someone does a lap every 4 minutes another person does a lap in 5 minutes and one more person does a lap every 6 minutes when will they all meet?

if someone does a lap every four minutes another person does a lap in five minutes and one more person does a lap in six minutes when will they all meet

If Suzanne runs a lap in 3 minutes and Janet runs a lap in 4 minutesif they start at the same time how many minutes will it be before they meet again at the starting point?

12 minutes

How do you pace a mile for a 6 minute mile?

Run 90 seconds per lap. More realistically, your first lap should probably be under 85 seconds, try to keep your first two laps under 3 minutes, don't slow down or get discouraged in your third lap, and give it all you've got in the last lap, especially the last 100 meters.

How do you unlock white Kirby in Kirby air ride?

Beat a two-lap race in Vallerion under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

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