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1 degree = 60 minutes so 120 degrees = 120*60 = 7200 minutes.

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Q: How many minutes to reach 120 degrees?
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How many degrees does the minute hand move in 20 minutes?

120 degrees

How many degrees does a clock minute hand turn in 20 minutes?

Since a clock hand turns 360 degrees in 60 minutes, it will move 30 degrees in 5 minutes and 120 degrees in 20 minutes.

How many minutes are between every two degrees of longitude meridians?

"Two degrees" corresponds to 120 minutes of angle, or about 8 minutes of time as the Earth rotates.

Which place is colder Antarctica or Siberia?

Antarctica can reach -90 or -120 degrees in the winter. Russia can reach -60 or -110 degrees and Alaska can reach -125 degrees.

What is at 120 degrees 30 minutes North and 69 degrees 58 minutes West?

You can't have a latitude of 120 degrees. If that's 10 North, that puts you in northern Venezuela, east of Maracaibo.

How many degrees does the hour hand of a clock turn through 120 minutes?

720. in 60 minutes, the hour hand on a clock turns a complete circle, or 360 degrees. since 120 minutes is 2 hours, the hour hand would make 2 complete turns, which is 360 degrees twice, which is 720 degrees.

What is the angle between the hands of a clock at 4 o'clock?

Every five minutes is 30 degrees. 4 o'clock is 120 degrees.120 degrees.

How many ft lbs in 120 degrees?

how many ft lbs in 120 degrees

What is the absolute and relative location of pangasinan?

15 degrees 53 minutes north, 120 degrees 17 minutes east.

How many minutes in 120 days?

120 days = 172,800 minutes.

How many minutes are in 2 hour?

60 × 2 = 120 minutes

How many minutes is 120 minutes?

x]Now lets see, if you meant how many Hours, then the answer would be 2. but since you asked how many minutes are in 120 minutes, I assume 120.

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