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Q: How many more blocks are visible from the top view of a 24 cubes rectangular solid than a 30 cubes rectangular solid?
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How many edges of a rectangular solid with 4 cubes high by 8 cubes wide by 6 cubes deep are visible from the front view?


What solid figure can be made with two cubes put together?

It is a rectangular prism

What solid figure would you get if you cut a cube in half?

You would get two rectangular prisms (half-cubes).

How many cubes would it take to build a rectangular solid that is 2 units by 2 units by 2 units?

2*2*2 = 8 cubes.

What is the volume of a solid figure that was 3 cubes long 2 cubes wide and 6 cubes high?

That depends on the exact shape of the figure. If it is a rectangular block, just multiply the three numbers.

How many edges of the rectanglar solid above are visible from the front view?

None. A can't even see the rectangular solid!

What solid figures do you get if you cut the rengtangular prism as shown?

We can get a two cubes because when you cut the rectangular prism you can get it.You will see.^_^

If there is 1 cube in the first solid and 6 cubes in the second solid and 15 cubes in the third solid how many cubes are in the eighth solid?

If you have one cube in the first solid than six cubes in the second solid and than fifteen cubes in the third solid, than you would get 215 cubes in the eighth solid.

How many corners would 3 cubes have?

24 but note that if you piled the 3 cubes on top of eachother, you could make them into a single rectangular solid having only 8 corners.

Examples of a rectangular solid?

Examples of a rectangular solid?

What is the volume of this rectangular solid if each block is a one inch cube?

It would be equal to the number of blocks in cubic inches.

What is a solid rectangle called?

In geometry, a rectangular solid is called a rectangular solid. A cube is a rectangular solid that happens to have all surfaces equal.

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