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If you mean months, there are about 11 months in 48 weeks.

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Q: How many mouths are in 48 weeks?
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How many weeks are in five mouths?


How many months is in 182 weeks?

42 mouths

How many weeks is 48 days?

48 days is 6 weeks and 6 days.

How many weeks in a a year?

There are 48 weeks in a year.

How many mouths are in 7 weeks and 1 day?

a month and a half

How many days are there in 48 weeks?

1 week = 7 days 48 weeks = 48 x 7 = 336 days

How many days is 48 weeks?

= 48 weeks x 7 days = 48 x 7 = 336

How many mouths is 14 weeks?

you mean months? 14 weeks equal three months and some one week

How many weeks are 336 days?

336/7 = 48 weeks

How many weeks are in 48 days?

6 weeks and 6 days.

How many weeks in 336 days?

336 days is 48 weeks.

How many hours in 48 weeks?


How many weeks are in twelve years?

About 576 (4 weeks in a month; 48 in a year)

How many weeks are in a 336 days?

336 days / 7 days per week = 48 weeks

How many weeks are in 11 months?

11 months can be 48 weeks depending on which months you calculate.

48 days equals how many weeks?

48 days = 6weeks and 6days

James wants to buy a video game that cost 48 He plans to save 6 per week How many weeks W will it take him to save 48?

8 weeks.

How many weeks are in 12 months?

There are 48 weeks in 12 months. (12 months * 4 weeks a month)If the question is how many weeks in a year (12 months = 365 days), then there are 52 weeks in a year.

How many weeks equals one year?

48 weeks equal one year

How many weeks are there in 336 days?

There are 48 week in 336 days

How many weeks are there in 48 years?

Roughly 2504.6 weeks. The exact number will depend on whether or not there are 12 leap years in that interval.

How many weeks in 11months?

about 52 weeks in 1 year = 12 months so about 52 - 4 = about 48

How do you spell the plural form of mouth?

It is spelled mouths. Example: All the students' mouths dropped open when they heard school was canceled for 2 weeks.

How many mouths does an earthworms have?

99999999 mouths

How many mouths to come back on passport?