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Q: How many nickels do you need to get to 75?
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Related questions

How many nickels in 75 dollars?

The answer is 1500 nickels.

How many nickels are in 75 cents?

75/5 = 15

How many nickels are in seventy five cents?

15 nickels 75 / 5 = 15 nickels

How many nickels in 75 cent?


What was used in nickels?

There is 25% Nickel and 75% Copper in nickels

How many nickels do you need to have to make two dollars?

You will need 40 nickels to make $2

How many nickels are there in 75 cents?


How many different ways can you make change for 75 cents using quarters dimes and nickels?

There are 18 ways to make change for 75 cents with only quarters, dimes and nickels.

Are nickels actually made from nickel?

Nickels are composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

How can you make nickels 100 inches tall how many nickels would you need?

how many nickels would it take to stack nickels 100 inches tall

How many nickels do you have with 40 dimes?

Since each dime is equivalent to two nickels, you need 80 nickels.

How many nickels equal 95?

5 nickels is a quarter. 15 nickels is 75 cents. Four more nickels makes it to 95 cents, for a total of 19 nickels. That makes sense, because 20 nickels would be a dollar, and you are only one nickel short of that.

How many nickels make 75 cent?

15 of them.

How do you make 75 cents out of 10 coins?

To make 75 cents out of 10 coins, you need 6 dimes and 3 nickels.

Are 15 nickels in 75?


Are nickels aluminum?

No. Nickels are 25% nickel and 75% copper. (Source: US Mint)

What kind of metals are in nickels?

Composition of US Nickels is 75% Copper and 25% Nickel

What does 75 nickels equal?

75 nickels equal $3.75. A way that you can do this yourself without having to go on is to get a calculator (either a physical one or one on your phone, computer, etc), and put the amount of nickels (75) times the amount nickels are worth (5), and that should equal 375, therefore giving you $3.75.

How many nickels do you need to make 200 dollars?

There are 20 nickels in a dollar. 20 nickels x 200 = 4000

Are Nickels made from real silver?

No, Nickels are made from a mixture of 25% Nickel and 75% Copper.

Is nickel used in nickels?

Yes. US nickels contain 25% nickel and 75% copper.

How many different combinations of quarters dimes and nickels make up 75 cents?


How many dimes and nickels does 1.25 have?

You will need at least one nickel. With one nickel you would need 12 dimes to make $1.25. If you have more nickels, then subtract one dime for every two additional nickels you have, so if you have 5 nickels you will need 10 dimes.

How many nickels do you need to buy a banana?


How can you make 75 cents with quarters nickels and dimes?

1 quarter, 4 dimes , 2 nickels