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There are 6 obtuse angles in a regular hexagon that add up to 720 degrees.

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Q: How many obtuse angles in a hexagon?
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Related questions

How many acute angles are in a hexagon?

there are none acute angles in a hexagon, all obtuse, all six angles are obtuse none are acute or right angle

How many obtuse are in hexagon?

In a regular hexagon there are 6 obtuse interior angles.

How many right acute and obtuse angles does a hexagon have?

If it is a 'regular' hexagon, then all angles are congruent, and all are obtuse.

How many right and obtuse angles make up a hexagon?

There can be 0 to 5 right angles, or 1 to 6 obtuse angles in a hexagon.

How many obtuse angle does a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon has 6 equal obtuse angles of 120 degrees

How many obtuse angles has hexagon?


What angles does a hexagon have?

obtuse angles

How many obtuse angles in regular hexagon?


How many internal obtuse angles does a hexagon have?


Can a hexagon have 4 obtuse angles?

Four exactly? A regular hexagon has 6. But a hexagon can have four obtuse angles. A regular hexagon can be made a lot flatter so that the two angles at the sides become acute, while the remaining 4 are obtuse.

Does a hexagan have any obtuse angles?

A regular hexagon has all angles obtuse.

How many obtuse angles in the inside of a hexagon?

Up to six.

Are the angles on a hexagon acute obtuse or right?

a cute

What kind of angles are in a regular hexagon?

All the interior angles in a hexagon are 120 degree's, making them obtuse angles.

Does a hexagon have two acute and obtuse angles?

well a hexagon has 180 degrees so no all acute angles

What shape has obtuse angles?


How many acute angles does a hexagon have?

A regular six-sided hexagon has no interior acute angles, but it does have six interior obtuse angles, each measuring 120 degrees

How many angles are in an irregular hexagon?

As far as I know, a hexagon has 6 angles whether it is regular or not. Some may be obtuse angles, but they still count. So a hexagon where some of the sides go 'in' rather than 'out' is still a hexagon.

Are the Hexagon angles acute or obtuse or right?

Obtuse angles.Another Answer:-If it is a regular hexagon then the interior angles are obtuse and the exterior angles are acute which are 120 and 60 degrees respectively

What kinds of angles does the hexagon have?

They have obtuse angles on each side.

Does a hexagon have any obtuse angles?

yes it does

Does a hexagon have six obtuse angles?


Does a hexagon have acute angles?

Regular hexagons have all obtuse angles

What shape has 6 obtuse angles?

A hexagon has six angles. A regular hexagon has six angles and each one is equal in measure to 120 degrees. 120 degrees is an obtuse angle. Any regular polygon with at least 6 sides has at least 6 obtuse angles.

What shape has obtuse angles triangle hexagon pentagon or square?

A hexagon or pentagon will have obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees). A triangle has angles that are all less than 90 and a square has only 90.