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Q: How many one-meter squares cover a square that ha an area of 4 square meters?
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How many 1 meter squares cover a square that has an area of 4 sq meters?


Should the size of the classroom blackboard closer to 4 or 100 square meters?

4 square meters implies that the product of the dimensions is 4 square meters, 100 would imply the product is 100. Visualize this with four 1x1 meter squares (a total area of 4 square meters). This would cover around two blackboards. Visualize this with 100 squares. This is larger than the square footage of wherever you're living now.

How many 2ft x 2ft squares will it take to cover 168 square feet?

A 2ft x 2ft square is 4 square feet and 42 squares will be needed to cover 168 square feet.

What area would 860 meters cover in square meters?

You can't convert meters to square meters.

How many bundles of shingles to cover 1900 square feet?

19 squares will cover 1900 square feet.

How many square meters does the louvre cover?

The Louvre is approximately 60,600 square meters.

How many squares of vinyl siding to cover 986 square feet?

Depends ENTIRELY on the size of the vinyl squares !

How many meters will 200 square feet cover?

200 square feet = 18.58 square meters.

How many square meters does china cover?

9,598,086,000 meters²)

If a single roll of wallpaper will cover 3 square metershow many single roll will take to cover a wall 2 meters x 5 meters?

If a single roll of wallpaper will cover three square meters it will take 3.1 rolls to cover a wall that is 2 meters x 5 meters. You will need 10 square meters of paper to cover this size wall.

How many square meters does skin cover?

Skin usually covers about 2 square meters.

How many lineal meters will cover 30 square meters?

As a linear meter is a length with zero width, even with an infinite number of them they will not cover an area of 30 square meters.

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