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Q: How many outputs are possible for 4 input decoder?
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How many outputs does the SALARY problem have for each input value?

The salary problem has 2 outputs for each input value.

How many outputs does the Catwalk Problem have for each positive input value?

There are 2 outputs for each positive input value in the Catwalk problem.

How many salary outputs does the chart have for each input value of training?

There can only be one output for each input.

How many input and output are in a BCD to Decimal decoder?

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How many 3-to-8 line decoders with an enable input are needed to construct a 6-64?

You need 9 3-to-8 decoders. 8 decoders for selecting one of 64 lines. 1 decoder for enabling 1 decoder out of 8 decoder.

How many Input and outputs s7 200 plc have?

s7-200 have 14 inputs and 10 outputs that can be relay or transistors. Check out www tmartis com for affordable plc and modules.

How do I write a pseudocode algorithm which inputs numeric scores and outputs how many of them are over 100. The end of the data is signalled by a user input of -1.?


How many one of 4 line decoders are required to construct a 5X32 line decoder?

Start with 3/8 decoders and connect only the four outputs of each other that have the first bit 1 loads.

What is the rule when the input is 1 and the output is 5 and input is 5 and output is 1 and input is 9 and output is -3?

There are many possible answers. One of them is Output = 6 - Input.

Is there a converter from composite or s-video to component video?

There are many converters on the market, from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars for a studio quality decoder. There is a limited benefit in using a dedicated composite to component decoder: Once a signal has been encoded into a composite or an S-video signal, some of the picture detail is lost forever. Decoding the signal into component does not restore the quality. Bear in mind that every television that has a composite or S-video input has a decoder to obtain a component signal. Using an external decoder simply moves the process to another point in the signal path. Having said that, a good quality decoder may give better results than a television's internal decoder.

What is the rule if the input is 2 and the output is 8?

There are infinitely many possible answers. Some examples:Output = 8 (whatever the input): this is the SIMPLEST rule.Output = (Input)3Output = (Input + 1)2 - 1Output = Input*4Output = Input + 6Output = 2*(Input + 2)

What are inputs and outputs?

An input can be information or even power to a system. A switch or number. It will take this and after either computation, comparison or consumption do work of some kind. That is output. It can take many forms.