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Q: How many parallel lines are needed to divide a line segment into three equal parts?
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How many parallel lines are needed to divide a line segment into five equal parts?


How many parallel lines are needed to divide it into eight equal parts?

The answer depends on what shape "it" is.

How can we divide a line segment into 5 equal parts?


What relationship does the mid segment have to the base of a triangle?

A trapezoid midsegment is parallel to the set of parallel lines in a trapezoid and is equal to the average of the lengths of the bases

What is the length of each part when you divide line segment in 3 equal parts?


How to divide a segment into four congruent segments?

Chop it into 4 equal sections (quarters)

How do you divide a blank square into five equal parts?

Four parallel lines through it.

How do you divide a rectangle by 5 equal parts?

Select any one side and divide its length into 5 equal parts. Draw lines that are parallel to the adjacent side to the opposite side. This will divide the rectangle into 5 equal strips.

What does it mean to bisect a segment or an angle?

It means to divide it into two congruent (equal measure) segments, or angles.

How Do you Divide a square into 9 Equal Parts?

Divide each side into three equal parts. Then join the division marks on opposite sides with straight lines parallel to the other side(s).

When you an angle you divide it into equal parts?

When dividing one of for having one line parallel to one another.

How to divide a square into three equal parts?

Draw 2 parallel lines which will result in 3 equal rectangles within the same square.