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Q: How many people does the average farmer feed per year?
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How many people can the average Iowa farmer feed?

The average Iowa farmer feeds about 150 people.

How many people does the average us farmer feed besides himself?

On average in 2011 about 155.

How many people do US farmers feed?

One US farmer can feed about 129 people! AMAZING!

How many people can one Illinois farmer feed?

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How many people does one American Farmer feed?

On average, one American farmer feeds about 166 people globally per year. This is made possible due to advancements in agricultural technology and farming practices that have significantly increased yields and efficiency.

How many people does U.S farmer feed world wide?

How many people can each US farmer feed compared to the twentieth century?

In the 1960's a US farmer was feeding around 90 people. Today in 2011 it is around 155.

How many people does a cattle farmer feed?

It depends on the size and how lean the cow or "cow" is. Assuming you are referring to an average market steer, which averages around 1250 lbs, the ideal percentage yield is less than 58%. If you get an average carcass weight of 700 lbs or more from that steer, and everyone eats an 8 oz. portion, it could feed an estimated 1400 people for certain.

During the Reagan era each American farmer could produce enough food to feed how many people?


How many people can you feed with 384 ounces of green beans?

You can feed 96 people an average serving of 4 ounces.

How many people did a farmer feed in 1900?

The number is always changing as conditions change. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation in 2009 the US farmer produces food and fiber for 155 people.

How many people own cows?

As many as he can feed...Most farmer have as many cattle as possible, it all depends on how much grazing he has available for his cattle.