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On average every day there are 1.9 million people celebrating their birthday. That is the total global population (7 billion) divided by the number of days in a year (365).

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Q: How many people share your birthday?
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Approximately how many people was born on 28th August 1985?

Approxiamately six million people are born share a birthday so if you were born on that day you share your birthday with about six million people.

How many people in school share a birthday?

There cannot be a definite answer. There can only be a probabilistic answer of the number of people who might be expected to share a birthday. However, in order to do that it is necessary to know how many people there are in the school. And since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

How many People share a birthday?

At least 100 all over the world.

How many people share the same birthday on average in the world?

estimating about 5000

How many people around the world share the same birthday as you?

A person shares their birthday with at least nine million different people around the world.

On average how many people share the same birthday?

On average, in the entire world about twenty eight thousand people will have the same birthday as one another. In a room full of people, there should be two people who have the same birthday.

How many people have the same birthday as you do?

Let's see. Given the fact that a baby is born every 3 seconds, and there are 86,400 seconds in a day, we divide that and we get 28,800. So 28,800 people in the world share the same birthday as you do :)

What is the probability that 25 people dont share the same birthday?

The probability that 25 random people don't ALL share the same birthday is: 1 - (1/365)**24, or about 0.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999968 However, I suspect you meant to ask "What is the probability that 25 random people all have different birthdays?" That is: 1 * (364/365) * (363/365) * (362/365) * ... * (342/365) * (341/365) = 0.4313 So about 43% of the time nobody will share a birthday, and 57% of the time, two or more people will share a birthday.

What famous people have share the same birthday as you February 7th?

Sonnay and alex are bored

What is the smallest number of people in a room where the probability of two of them having the same birthday is at least 50 percent?

23. The probability that at least two people in a room share a birthday can be expressed more simply, mathematically, as 1 minus the probability that nobody in the room shares a birthday.Imagine a fairly simple example of a room with only three people. The probability that any two share a birthday is :1 - [ 365/365 x 364/365 x 363/365]i.e. 1-P(none of them share a birthday)=1 - [ (365x364x363) / 3653 ]=0.8%Similarly,P(any two share a birthday in a room of 4 people)= 1 - [ 365x364x363x362 / 3654 ] = 1.6%If you keep following that logic eventually you getP(any two share a birthday in a room of 23 people)=1 - [(365x364x...x344x343) / 36523 ] = 51%

Is it possible to inherit things from people that share the same birthday as you?

No. Unless they are blood-related to you (twins).

How many people have the Birthday of March 23?

How many people have the birthday of March 23 in the world?