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Three fifths of a piece.

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Q: How many pieces are in three-fifths of a whole?
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What part of a fraction that tells how many pieces are in the whole?

It depends. If you mean how many pieces there are in all, It's the denominator. But if it is how many pieces are left in a whole, it's the numerator.

How many quarter pieces are in a whole ounce?

There are 4 quarter pieces

a gestalt psychologist would say that?

we see a whole instead of many small pieces

How the numerator and denominator of a fraction are related?

The denominator is how many pieces are in a whole, or one, while the numerator is the number of pieces you have of the whole.

How many pieces is three fifth to a whole?

Three pieces out of five equal parts.

How many pieces of grass are there in the whole world?

FAR too many to count!

In a fraction what does the denominator represent?

The denominator is how many equal pieces that one whole unit is divided into. The numerator tells how many of those equal pieces is measured. So in the fraction 3/5, the unit is divided into 5 parts and you have 3 pieces of the whole.

How many calories is in 2 pieces of whole wheat bread?


What does the 3 in one and three fourths mean?

The three is the numerator, representing how many pieces are in the fraction. For example, in 3/4, the four is how many pieces are in total for the whole, the three represents how many pieces are gone, or shaded, or there.

Gestalt psychologists emphasized that?

we wee a whole instead of many small pieces.

How many calories in 2 pieces of whole wheat toast?

200 calories

How many ninths in 8 wholes?

Ninths means you have something divided into 9 pieces. So how many equal one whole? All 9 pieces! But you don't have one whole, you really have eight. So if 9 pieces are in one whole, ____ x 1 = 8? Multiply this number by the 9 pieces in each whole one and you'll have your answer!

What actors and actresses appeared in Whole Pieces - 2006?

The cast of Whole Pieces - 2006 includes: Romi Trower as Amber

What would a Gestalt psychologist generally believe?

we see a whole instead of many small pieces

The ThreeFifths Compromise determined how population would be counted for?

Representation in Congress and also direct taxes on the population of the states.

Why is a half of 2 1 whole?

2 is 2 wholes. It can be broken into two pieces of 1 whole. One of those two pieces is one whole. Half of 2 is 1.

Is 3 out of 8 larger then 1 out of 3?

No, because one piece of of a whole (total of three pieces), determines that the pieces are going to be bigger than if a whole had to be divided into 8 pieces. Three smaller pieces out of the whole of 8 just doesn't equal the same amount as one large piece of of 3.

What fraction of the whole cake will each piece be?

One over however many pieces the cake is cut into.

What is a faction less then one?

1/3 is a fraction less than one, because 3/3 is a whole. You only have 1 of the the 3 that is needed to make a whole. Think of pie (the kind you eat); you have 4 pieces of pie, then someone eats 2 pieces. How many pieces of pie do you have? 2 pieces! So you have 2 pieces of pie out of the 4 you originlly had. 2/4 of the pie is left. Does this help?

What type of volcano irrupt quickly creating a whole made of many small pieces apart and lava?

What type of volcano irrupt quickly creating a hill made of many small pieces of hardened lava

How do you get a fraction of a whole number?

cut in into pieces

How many pieces in 1 fried chicken?

When somebody says they're going to eat one whole fried chicken they mean that they're going to eat the whole thing in one whole piece.

Pieces are to puzzle as notes are to?

Pieces are to a puzzle as notes are to music. Each are essential to completing the whole.

What is a real world word problem involving part of a whole using a fraction?

Figuring out how many pieces of pizza a family of four each gets from a pizza divided into 12 pieces.

What does the bottom number in a fraction tell you?

The bottom number in a fraction (the denominator) Tells you how many pieces A whole is cut up into.

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