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360 pieces - homework question or doing yardwork?

500 / 158 = 3.16 sf per piece of grass

1139 / 3.16 = 359.924 = 360 for all practical purposes.

If doing yard work (i.e. laying sod) figure on a 10% wastage factor and get about 400 pieces

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Q: How many pieces of grass do you need to cover an area of 1139 square feet when 1 pallet equals 500 sq feet and their are 158 pieces in a pallet?
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How many square feet will a pallet of grass cover?

A normal pallet of sod covers 500 square feet

How many square feet does one pallet of sod cover?

70 square yards

How many square feet will a pallet of sod cover?

From the info I have from a sod supplier: each roll is 10sqft, there are 70 rolls on a pallet, so covers 700sqft

How much plywood do you need to cover 192 square feet?

To cover 192 square feet, you need 192 square feet of covering. If you happen to buy it in 4' x 8' pieces, then exactly six pieces do the job.

How many shingles to cover 128 sq ft?

You are going to need 4 bundles. 3 bundles equals a square and a square equals 100 square feet.

What is the average price of granite?

Walmart offers a carton with 5 pieces of granite tile at 3/8" thick and 12" wide X 12" long for $80.00. Each package has a shipping weight of 27.5 pounds. One pallet contains 66 cartons! That's about $4900.00/pallet load, to cover 330 square feet. I dare you to ask for free shipping!

It takes 4 pieces of gold leaf to cover 1 square foot of the dome If the dome is3000square feet how many pieces of gold leaf are needed to cover the entire dome?

The answer is 12,000 leafs

How much area does a pallet of sod cover?

500ft sq

How many square feet are in 665 pieces of 4 by 12 drywall?

One piece = 4 x 12 = 48 square feet 665 pieces cover (665 x 48) = 31,920 square feet 3,5462/3 square yards 0.001145 square mile (rounded).

How many 4x8 feet pieces to cover a 30 foot circle?

A 30 foot circle covers about 707 square feet. 23 pieces would technically cover that. I'd get 30 of them so I wouldn't have to cut any of them.

How many bundles of shingles will cover 1700 square feet of roofing?

One square covers 100 square feet, with 3 bundles per square equals 51 bundles.

How many pieces of 0.048906 square meter are there in one square meter?

There are 1/0.048906 = 20.45 So 20 pieces is not enough to cover 1 sq metre while 21 is. Alternatively. 20 pieces can fit in 1 sq metre but 21 will be too many.

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