How many planes are flying in the air in 24 hours?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How many planes are flying in the air in 24 hours?
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What is 1557 miles into hours by air?

It depends on what you are flying in. A combat aircraft (X15) could take a little over 20 minutes. A Concorde (when it was flying) would take just over 2 hours. An ordinary passenger aircraft would take nearer 3 hours and then there are many smaller slower planes.

What flying transport did people use years ago?

Air planes

Where planes are put?

Planes are parked in the airport. They are checked for performance and gas is entered. Otherwise, they are in the air, flying most of the time.

What is the hours flying in the air flying virgin from gatwick to barbados?

about 5 1/2 hours :)

What was the flying circus?

Barnstormers who flew aircraft during an air show. The planes were brightly colored.

What were the wright brothers hobby?

(i think their hobie was bikes cause they owned a bike shop befor flying, from bike to flight ) <--- not right There hobbies are 1 printing 2 making bikes 3 fixing bikes 4 making planes 5 Eating Dicks those are there hobbies

How do planes stay in the air and keep flying?

Because the air-pressure under their Wings is greater than the air-pressure above their Wings. See the aero-foil.

How many miles does an airplane travel?

This entirely depends on where you are flying to. It can be as few as 20 minutes or as much as 18 hours in the air.

When pilots are flying planes why do they have to keep in close touch with air control?

Because if they dont they miight get lost! Hope this helps :)

Why do you need paper air planes?

Paper air planes are source of fun and and interest to most kids. There are many different kinds of paper air planes that you can make. It depends on where and how that you want them to fly

Is there any restriction for flying remote controlled aircraft near Indian air force station in tambaram?

Yes,as i had lived in Air Force Station Tambaram as well and my greatest hobby is flying aeromodels(remote controlled planes),in Air Force Station it is fully restricted of flying rc aeromodels.

How many hours to fly 468 air miles?

If you are flying in the space station, about 1 minute. Driving at about 70 mph it would be about 6 hours 45 minutes.