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The answer will depend on the total score for the test and whether or not all the questions are score the same.

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Q: How many points are each question if there are 26 questions?
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How many points a piece for 8 questions on a test?

If all the questions are worth the same and the whole test is 100 points, then each question is worth 12.5 points

How many points for each question if there are 33 questions?


How many points will be taken off for each question on a 35 questions test?

If the test is worth 100 points, each question would be worth approximately 2.86 points.

How many points would each question be is there are 15 questions?

There's no answer if no total points.

How many points on a test with 350 questions?

That will depend on the points awarded to each question.

How do you see how many point each question is on test?

You cannot know that. If you are told the total number of points for the test, you know (or count) the number of questions and you are told that each question is worth the same number of points then, and only then, each question is worth (total points/number of questions) points.

How many points to take off with 130 questions?

If you took a test with 130 questions on them each question would value approximately 1.3 points per question.

In a 20 question test how many points are for each question?

5 points, if all questions are being given equal marks.

45 correct out of 50 questions on a test what would be your score?

If you have 100 points and 50 questions, you take 100 points divided by 50 questions, so you can see how many points each question is, which would be 2 points per question. If you got 45 questions right, multiple 45 by 2 and you get 90%.

How many points is each question on an 18 question test?

Making the totally unjustified and quite possibly unlikely assumption that all questions are worth the same number of marks, each question would be worth 1/18 of the total number of points.

How many questions do you have to miss to get an 70 on a 100 question test?

It depends on how many points each question is worth. If they are worth 1 point, 30, 2 points, 15, etc...

The test each question in Part A is worth 2 points and each question in part B is worth 5 points Sam got all questions in part A correct and her test score was 85 How many part B questions were missed?


How many points per correct question to score a seventy on a 110 question test?

each question, if equal points per question, is 1/1.10 = 0.9 points; you need to answer 77 questions out of 110 correctly to score a 70

How many points is each question on a 80 questions test?

On a scale of 100 and all questions the same points, each question is 100/80 = 1.25 points eachAnswer:As points per question is the teacher's prerogative one question could be worth all the points with remaining 79 worth nothing. Some tests start off with an "Instructions" section which directs student to read all of the questions first, before answering any. The next to last question instructs the student to only do the last question.

How many points are counted off on a 25 question test?

If all questions are weighed evenly, they would be worth 4 points each. But a good teacher would weigh each question differently on most tests.

How many points would each question be on a 40 question exam?

Questions on a test do not always have the same point value. The answer cannot be determined.

20 questions on a test is worth how many points each?

5% of the total test score per question.

How many points is each question on a 42 question test?

2.381 points each

How many points apiece for a 51 question test?

if one of the questions is a bonus it is 2 points each

How many points is each question worth on a 12 question exam?

points is each question worth on a 12 question exam?

How many questions can you miss to get an 84 percent on a 100 point test?

You can only miss 16 points on a 100 point test in order to get an 84%. If the questions are worth 2 points EACH, you can miss 8. If the questions are worth 4 points each, you can only miss 4 questions.

How many points are each question in a 14 question quiz?

As many points as the person who designed the test wants. And they need not be the same for each question, either.

How many questions did you miss on a 25 question test and received an 88?

3 25 will go into 100 4 times evenly. So, each question is worth 4 points each. If you make an 88, you missed 12 points. Since 3 x 4 = 12, you would have to miss 3 questions to make an 88.

How many points each question on a 45 question test?

IF the test totals up to 100 points, AND IF every question carriesthe same score, then each question gets 22/9 points.

How many points will be taken off for each question on a 22 questions test?

On a 22 question test, if you miss one question (wich can be written as 21/22 -- 21 divided by 22), you will have a 95.45, an A, according to a calculator. So, 100-95.45 (100 minus 95.45) is about 4.55: therefore, on a 22 question test, each question is worth about 4.55 points. :)