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FICA = social security taxes. FICO is your credit score. There is no way to tell how many points your score will go down. With a low of 529 your score may tumble less than someone with a much higher score pre-bankruptcy.

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Q: How many points will a chapter 7 bankruptcy reduce your FICA of 529?
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What is the FICA withholding rate for 2011?

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Who pays FICA taxes?

employers pay the fica tax

When was Fernando Fica born?

Fernando Fica was born in 1983.

What is 'fica' when translated from Italian to English?

Fica in Italian means "p**sy," a vulgar word for "vagina," in English.

Do seniors over 65 have FICA deductions?

FICA deductions are not a function of age.

What are two of the programs that FICA funds?

Social Security and Medicare are funded by FICA

What is the frequency of FICA and witholding depends on the amount taxes are due?

frequency of fica payments

What is a purpose of a fica tax?

The fica is taken out of your paychecks and added to the Social Security fund.

If employee is exempt from FICA is employer also exempt from contributing to FICA for that employee?


Is fica taken out on short term disability?

why wasn't fica taken out of std checks

is their an age limit on who pays fica taxes?

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What is the purpose of a FICA tax?

A Fica tax has several different purposes that serve different people. A Fica tax serves to finance government educational programs and developmental projects. A Fica tax also provides those who are disabled and/or retired with insurance.

How many years do you have to pay FICA?

You pay FICA as long as you are earning wages, regardless of your age.

What is FICA payable and fica Expense?

I am doing a certified payroll report and am not certain what they mean can someone tell me what they mean on the paystub of the employee, FICA, FEDERAL STATE TAX and SDI

When do you stop paying FICA for the year?

The maximum amount of wages subject to the FICA-Social Security tax for 2009 is $106,800. There is no limit on the amount of wages subject to the FICA-Medicare tax.

What does FICA mean on a paycheck?

FICA stands for a payroll tax used to fund the Social Security system.

Accounting journal entries for payment of FICA?

Debit FICA Tax payable Credit Cash / bank

How do you calculate FICA tax?

You do not calculate FICA tax by asking You calculate the FiCA tax by going to the Internal Revenue Web Site and looking at the information on their form. Then you plug your numbers into their formula.

What does FICA ER on paycheck mean?

On a paycheck, FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. FICA is the United States Federal employment tax that is imposed to fund Medicare and Social Security.

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At what income do you stop paying fica in 2010?

For 2010, the earnings maximum will remain at $106,800. The same as it was for 2009 FICA.

What is FICA-?

FICA stand for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. It is a Tax that provides Medicare and social security benefits.

What does fica stand for?

Federal Insurance Contribution Act The word FICA stands for "Federal Insurance Contributions Act."