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Q: How many positive odd integers less than 10000 can be written using the digits 3 4 6 8 and 0?
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How many positive integers are there less than 10000?

One less than 10000.

Both a and b are positive integers neitherof them is divisible by 10 and a times b equals 10000 What are a and b?

10000 = 16 x 625

What is the sum of all positive integers less than 10000 that are divisible by three but not divisible by two?

It is 83667.

If a and b are positive integers neither of which is divisible be 10 and if ab equals 10000 what is the sum of a plus b?


How many integers are between 1000 and 10000?

9000 integers.

How many positive 4 digit are there?

Let me first re-phrase your question: What is the number of (positive) integers less than 10000 (5 digits) and greater than 999 (3 digits)? The greatest 4 digit integer would be 9999. The greatest 3 digit integer would be 999. Let's do some subtraction: 9999 - 999 = 9000 This works because as we count up from 999, each positive integer encountered satisfies your requirements until reaching 10000.

How many significant digits are there in 10000?

There are 5 significant digits in 10000. If, however, 10000 were stated as 1x105, there would have only been 1 significant digit.

Is 10000 divisible by three?

No. If a number is divisible by three, the sum of its digits will be divisible by three. Obviously, the sum of the digits of 10000 is 1, and 1 is not divisible by 3, so 10000 is not divisible by 3.

How many 5 digit palindromes are there?

900 This explains it. A positive integer is a palindrome if it reads the same forward and backwards such as 1287821 and 4554. Determine the number of 5-digit positive integers which are NOT palindromes. We start by counting the total number of 5 digit positive integers. The first digit is between 1 and 9, so we have 9 choices. Each of the other 4 digits can be anything at all (10 choices for each). This gives us 9(10)4 = 90000 five-digit positive integers. Now we need to count the number of 5 digit palindromes. Again, we have 9 choices for the first digit and 10 choices for each of the next two. The tens and units digits however are fixed by our choices so far. Therefore, there are only 900 five-digit palindromes. Therefore, the total number of five-digit positive integers which are not palindromes is 90000-900 = 89100.

How many five digit integers from 10000 through 99999 are divisible by 5?

Counting 10000, there are 17999.

What are the first 475 digits of Pi?

Check out the Joy of Pi link, for the first 10000 digits.

How many digits are in ten thousand?

There are 5 digits in the number 10000.

Which is greater of two positive numbers?

It's the number that has more digits to the left of the decimal point (if there is no decimal point, it's the number with more digits). If the number of digits to the left of the decimal point is the same, find the position farthest to the left where the digits are different. The number with the greater of those two digits is the greater number. For example, 10000 is greater than 9999 because 10000 has more digits, and 6350 is greater than 6349 because the farthest-left position that is different is the tens place, and 5 is greater than 4.

Express 27.0421 as quotient of two integers?

270421/10000 = 27.0421

Round off 10074 to 3 significant digits?


What is the smallest 5 digit number with 2 digits alike?

It is 10000.If you meant ONLY 2 digits alike, then it is 10023.

What is the smallest five digit number you can form with the digits 0 1 2 3 and 4 if repetition of digits is allowed?

It is 10000.

Why is 1.0227 a rational number?

Because it can be expressed as the ratio of two integers. 10227/10000

What is a 5-digits number with a 1 in the ten-thousands place?


How many combinations to a 4 wheel lock with digits 0 to 9?


What is smallest five digit number having two different digits?

If initial zeros are considered acceptable digits, it is 00001. Otherwise, it is 10000.

How many whole numbers have exactly 5 digits?

89999 Any whole number above 99999 has 6 or more digits, and any whole number below 10000 has 4 or less digits. Since there are only whole numbers involved, it is a simple subtraction of 10000 from 99999.

What are the square numbers from 576 to 10000?

The square numbers integers between 576 and 10000 (and their square roots, in the left column) are: 245762562526676277292878429841309003196132102433108934115635122536129637136938144439152140160041168142176443184944193645202546211647220948230449240150250051260152270453280954291655302556313657324958336459348160360061372162384463396964409665422566435667448968462469476170490071504172518473532974547675562576577677592978608479624180640081656182672483688984705685722586739687756988774489792190810091828192846493864994883695902596921697940998960499980110010000

10000 crores is how many digits?

100000000000000000000000000000 * * * * * Actually, it is 12 digits. 10000 crore = 1000000 lakhs = 100000000 thousands = 100000000000

How many digits are there in the numbers 1-10000?


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