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Q: How many pounds of coffee does one Starbucks use in a day?
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How many cups of coffee does Starbucks serve per day in Orange County?


How many cups of coffee does Starbucks sell each day in us?

Probably half a billion

Free things on election day?

Free Starbucks tall coffee

Are coffee brewers a good investment and how much do they cost?

Coffee brewers are probably a good investment if you drink a lot of coffee. It is better than going to a coffee place such as Starbucks each day and buying some.

If there are SIXTY employees and each of them used two teaspoons of sugar in their coffee twice a day how many pounds of sugar would you use in a month?

50 pounds.

Is Starbucks open on Easter Sunday?

Yes Starbucks is open everyday except Christmas Day

How many Starbucks are added to china each day?


How many coffee makers are sold a day world wide?

about 1 millon or more. It's a lot more than a million, but I doubt there is anyway to know. Starbucks alone sells more than a million gallons a day. That doesn't even count all the homes and offices that keep a coffee pot going all day long.

What are opinions on Starbucks' coffee tasting better than coffee from other cafes?

New Answer: Its simple.... They buy low quality coffee, regardless of where it comes from. Over roast it to disguise that fact the coffee is low quality... + you get more (liquid) coffee pound per pound when you over roast... The trouble is it causes the coffee to be bitter... The more you over roast the more bitter it becomes... Tasting "better" is most definitely not. Only "bitter". Why I know this ... I lived on a Coffee farm for 19 years.. My father still runs a coffee farm in Kenya. I don't like Starbucks coffee at all its too bitter and up until just a month ago Starbucks didn't pay their coffee bean growers in other countries a decent price for their coffee. Also it tastes burnt. I prefer Kenya Coffee beans. First off, "In conjunction with Conservation International, Starbucks developed socially responsible coffee buying guidelines called C.A.F.E. Practices (Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices) in 2001" Secondly, Starbucks uses Kenyan beans in several of their coffees so the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact one of Starbucks bean blends is called " Kenya". Thirdly, everyone has different preferences for the flavor of their coffee. Starbucks brews very strong coffee, using premium quality, freshly ground beans, once an hour. This can produce a very bold flavor but it is never burnt. New Answer: Starbucks coffee is freshly ground and brewed many times throughout the day. However, when the Starbucks company roasts its beans, whether Kenyan or not, they use a method of "flash roasting" which causes the beans themselves to become overdried, thus giving the subsequent brewed coffee the burnt flavor that people speak of so often. The actual opinions on Starbucks coffee being better than other cafes will clearly differ from person to person, and depending on which "other cafes" you are referring to. Additional Answer: The large majority of Starbucks serve the House blend, Yuck! It's their cheapest coffee and in my opinion is mediocre in quality. However, some of the other blends are decent. The new Pike's Place is not bad and I have always enjoyed their Verona. But in general most of the Starbucks coffees do taste a bit over roasted. I am a big fan of the Caribou Coffee chain for their wide selection of blends.

Would you go to a coffee shop to work, code, design, or write where are comfy seats, unlimited coffee, rooms for a meeting, and high-tech features - free How often would you go and would you leave your preferred day-to-day coffee place ie. Starbucks?

you need to do your woerk

How many stores does Starbucks open per day?


How much does a cup of coffee cost in US?

Well, it depends where you go to get your coffee. If you go to a fast food place it will cost around 79 cents up to $1.50. If you go to Starbucks it might be a little more. Starbucks would cost about $2.50 to $5.00. It depends what size you get. The National Average is $1.38/cup. The American coffee drinker consumes 3.2 cups per day!