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40 lbs. ÷ 17.5 days ≈ 2.3 lbs/day

This is just a mathematical equation; such an undertaking is strongly discouraged.

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40 lbs.

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Q: How many pounds a day to lose 40 pounds in 2 and a half weeks?
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How many pounds do anorexics lose in 2 weeks?


How many weeks would it take to lose 33.8 pounds in 24 weeks if you weighed 338 pounds?

How many weeks would it take in 24 weeks?? I think I see the answer...

If 5 pounds are lost a week how many weeks till you lose 80 pounds?


How many pounds will a person lose if they lose 2lbs per week in 3 months?

4 weeks in a month. 12 weeks. 24 lbs

How many pounds can you lose without eating for two weeks?

1 pound xD

If someone weighed 274 pounds and their ideal weight is 150 pounds and they have 58 weeks to reach their goal how many pounds a month do they need to lose?

8.55 lbs a month. 274 - 150 = 124 lbs to lose; 124 / 58 weeks = 2.138 pounds a week; 2.138 * 4 weeks in a month = 8.55 pounds a month.

do whey protein supplements really make you lose ten pounds in two weeks?

Whey protein supplements could make you lose ten pounds in two weeks. However, it might not be healthy because these supplements will have many chemicals in them and you are taking them.

How many sit ups does a 11 year old do for 5 weeks to lose 20 pounds?

around 12...

How many laps would you have to walk to lose 90 pounds in 2 weeks if you weigh 178?

It would be physically impossible to lose that much weight that fast. And it would be very unhealthy to lose even ten percent of that in two weeks.

How many Americans need to lose more than 50 pounds?

More than half of Americans are considered over weight. Those Americans need to loose weight, and most nearly fifty pounds. Of the half of Americans, a third of them need to lose at least fifty pounds.

How many pounds do you have to lose to get a star with Weight Watchers?

You have to lose five pounds.

How much weight will you lose if you are 300 pounds and starve yourself for many months?

0. You would have been dead by then!!! The human body can survive without food for about 2 to about 2 and a half weeks without food. You can live for about a week with no water.