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It all depends upon the shape of the container that it is in. For example, if the water weighs 8 lbs per gallon, then the water at the bottom of a container that is a vertical pipe with cross sectional area of 1 square inch will exert a pressure of 8 psi. However, if the water is in a vertical pipe with cross sectional area of 8 square inches, then the pressure at the bottom of the pipe will be only 1 psi.

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Q: How many psi do 1 gallon of water create?
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How many psi is 6-8 pounds?

6-8 pounds is equivalent to 42-56 psi because there are 7.48 liters of water in a gallon.

1 gallon is equal to How many PSI?

Gallon is volume, PSI is pressure. They're different things and don't translate.

How many btu per gallon of heating oil at 130 psi?

#2 fuel oil = 140,000 btu/gallon. Psi does not matter.

How many PSI does 1 gallon of water create?

That depends on the surface area over which the weight of the gallon of water is distributed. Divide 8.34 pounds -- the weight of a gallon of water -- by the area, in square inches, the gallon is sitting upon. If the gallon of water is in a typical plastic jug that you buy at the grocery store, it's not creating much pressure at all -- only about 2.2 ounces per square inch.

If you have 12000 gallon tank what shoild psi be around?

what should your psi be around in a inground swimming pool andt it hold 12,000 gallons of water

What is the psi of 1 gal of water falling 1 foot?

The potential energy of 1 gallon of water falling 1 foot is approximately 0.433 psi. This is based on the conversion factor of 2.31 feet of head equals 1 psi.

How much water pressure does dishwasher need?

It needs at least 38 psi of incoming water.

How many feet of water does 15 PSI represent?

15 PSI represents approximately 34.7 feet of water. This can be calculated using the formula: 1 PSI = 2.31 feet of water.

How many pounds of air does a 5 gallon tank hold with a maximum psi of 125?


How many psi in 1 inch of water column?

27.71 inches of water column equals 1 psi

How many psi pressure in 30 meters of water?

Just under 60 psi at 30m

How many inches of water in a 20 psi?

There are 46.15 inches of water in a 20 psi pressure. This can be calculated using the formula: 1 psi = 2.307 feet of water, which is approximately 27.69 inches. 20 psi x 27.69 inches/psi = 46.15 inches.