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chickens are not well educated enough to learn how to lay purple eggs. they need to have conceived the egg on the night of a lunar eclipse when a accomanying dog joins in the fun while playing a violin. but ssshhh do not tell the chickens this because the eggs are all mine and they are worth a lot of money.

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Q: How many purple eggs do chickens lay at Easter?
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How is Easter celebrated in Norway?

Yes. The Easter break is longer in Norway than in many other countries, as it includes Maundy Thursday (the Thursday preceding Good Friday). It is a real celebration of the emerging Springtime, with chickens and eggs, rather than "Easter bunnies" symbolising the holiday. Chickens replace rabbits as a symbol of fertility, and eggs remain a symbol of new life, just as they are elsewhere. Yellow is the traditional Norwegian Easter colour. For details of the many unique Easter traditions in Norway, see the related link below.

How many Easter eggs are made for Easter?

You hot

What is the Easter?

There are many symbols for Easter such as a lamb, eggs and the crown of thorns.

What does a chicken have to do with Easter?

Easter is springtime and spring is the season for renewal of life. That little yellow fluffy chick has become the symbol of that new life for many people because the egg is also a sign of the circle of life renewed and the chick comes from the egg. This is a marketing tool for many advertisers. The cute little chick is very appealing and represents good things.

How many chickens is there in the UK?

There is no official count as to how many chickens are in the UK. However, there are most likely millions of chickens for food and for the eggs.

If 2 chickens lay 8 eggs in 3 days how many eggs can 5 chickens lay in 6 days?


How many chickens are in half dozen?

A half dozen, whether chickens or eggs, will always be 6.

How many people color Easter eggs?

The Easter Bunny ONLY does that... didn't you know that???

How many eggs does a chocolate chicken lay?

Chocolate chickens don't lay eggs.

Egg are they really from chickens?

Chicken eggs are. Many other creatures produce eggs.

What is the significance of an Easter egg?

In many ancient cultures, eggs were a common symbol new life and immortality. In medieval times, Christians adapted the egg to their own religious devotions by giving up the eating of eggs during Lent and resuming it after Easter. Eggs came to represent the Lord's resurrection -- just as Christ broke out of the tomb on Easter morning, the yolk of the egg breaks out of its shell when cracked. The decoration of eggs for Easter is part of the folk traditions of many cultures, although it has little or no religious significance any more.

How many chicken eggs are produced daily?

That greatly depends on how many chickens you have. One chicken will lay one egg a day. so, if you have 10 chickens you will get 10 eggs daily.