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You could do it with 53 quarters and 8 dimes. Many other combinations are possible.

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Q: How many quarters and dimes do you need to make 14.05?
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How many dimes make four quarters?

Ten dimes is equal to four quarters.

How many dimes and quarters make up 19.50?

195 dimes. 78 quarters.

How many ways can you make ten dollars with quarters and dimes?

I believe there are 19 ways to make ten dollars with only quarters and dimes. Quarters have to be in increments of 2 so there would be 2 quarters and 95 dimes, 4 quarters and 90 dimes and so on til there are 38 quarters and 5 dimes.

If there twice as many dimes then quarters in 2.25 how many dimes are there?

10 dimes 5 quarters

There are quarters and dimes in a box Their total value is at most 4.50 Quarters are 5 times as many as dimes How many quarters and how many dimes are at most in the box?

15 quarters, 3 dimes

How many ways can you make 2.50 from quarters and dimes?

2.50 can be made up from 10 quarters or 25 dimes, for the first two ways. The smallest number of quarters that can be substituted for dimes without changing the sum is two, substituted for five dimes. Therefore, you can have: 20 dimes + 2 quarters, 15 dimes + 4 quarters, 10 dimes + 6 quarters, or 5 dimes + 8 quarters, four additional possibilities for a total of six..

How many quarters in 325 dimes?

130 quarters are in 325 dimes

How many ways can you make 2.00 using quarters and dimes?

You can have 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 quarters. The remaining amount is in dimes.

How many ways can you make 5 dollars with dimes nickels and quarters?

hundreds of ways... 50 dimes 100 nickels 20 quarters 40 dimes and 2 nickels 90 nickels and 5 dimes 16 quarters and 10 dimes 30 dimes 2 nickels 4 quarters etc figure it out ;)

How many ways can you make 30 cents using nickels dimes and quarters?

There are 5 ways to make 30 cents using quarters, nickels, and dimes.

Bruce has 5.50 in dimes and quarters He has 8 more quarters than dimes How many quarters does he have?

He has 18 quarters (for $4.50)...........and 10 dimes ($1.00)

How many ways can you make 1.25 using dimes AND quarters?

Two ways. 1 quarter and 10 dimes, or 3 quarters and 5 dimes.