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There are 25 quartz in 6 1/4 gallons.

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2011-03-13 18:58:11
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Q: How many quarts are in six and one fourth gallons?
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How many quarts are in nine and one fourth gallons?


How many quarts is in 6 and one fourth gallons?

Since there are 4 quarts to a gallon, there are 25 quarts to 6 1/4 gallons.

Six and one fourth gallons equals how many quarts?

25 quartz

How many quarts are in two and one fourths gallons?

1 gallon = 4 quarts so 2 1/4 gallons = 9 quarts.

How many gallons of blood is in you?

For an average-sized person, roughly five quarts of blood, which is one and one fourth gallons of blood

How many gallons do five quarts equal?

4 quarts make a gallon. By adding 5 quarts you make an extra quart which would be one fourth of a gallon extra. The answer is 5 quarts equal 1.25 gallons.

1 quarts equals how many many gallons?

1 quart equals one-fourth of a gallon because there are fours quarts in one gallon. Another way to say that is 1 quart equals .25 gallons.

How many quarts are in 1 and a half gallons?

Six quarts in one-and-a-half gallons.

How many gallons and how many quarts are in 13 quarts?

there are 4 quarts in one the answer would be 3 gallons and 1 quart.

How many gallons are there in36 quarts?

There are four quarts in one gallon so there are nine gallons in 36 quarts

How many quarts equal 8 and 1 4th gallon?

I think the question is "how many quarts equal 8 and one-fourth gallon?" A gallon is 4 quarts, which also means that one-fourth of a gallon has 1 quart. Having the above information can you find the number of quarts in all of the 8 whole gallons and then add to it the number of quarts in one-fourth gallon. It involves one multiplication and one addition. Try it. You can do it. Good luck!

How many quarts is 3 and one fourth?

*fourth 13.

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