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2 * (50 - x) = 70

50 - x = 35

x = 15

You can miss 15 questions.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-01 13:50:49
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Q: How many questions can you miss to get 70 percent on a 50 question test with each question being two points each?
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In a 20 question test how many points are for each question?

5 points, if all questions are being given equal marks.

How many questions can you miss to get 71 percent on a 42 question test with each question being one point each?

you can miss 12 questions 30 right = 30/42 = 71%

Can you tell me about ISSB question that what sort of question are being asked?

Any questions.

Why is this website not answering your questions corectly?

Perhaps you are being ambiguous in your question. That would prevent the question being answered to your satisfaction

Is there a way to get an answer for your questions without being asked to answer your own question?

not really...

How do you get trust points on WikiAnswers?

Getting Trust PointsYou get trust points by answering questions with good and constructive answers. If the person who asked the question - or anybody who reads the question - feels that your answer was good and useful to them, they click the "Recommend contributor" button just below the answer. The best way to get trust points is by answering a lot of questions. This brings "wiki-publicity" to your username, which gets you a higher chance of being recommended (they must be good answers, otherwise recommendations won't happen!).

How do you answer questions on question websites without being a member?

On the top right of the question click a tab saying 'answer it'

How can you lock a question at

Supervisors have a link in the sidebar to "protect" questions that are being vandalized. This question has been locked, not because I think it's in danger of being vandalized, but as an example of what a locked question looks like. Ordinary users can't lock questions.

If you are typing here is your question being recorded?

Yes, that way when your question is recorded it can go on the 'Unanswered questions' page for someone to answer

How many questions can you miss to get 70 percent on a 95 question with each being one point each?

1(95-x)=70 95x=70 x 25x

Can somebody you when your questions are not being answered on WikiAnswers?

What question did you want answers to. Try again.

You have asked a lot of questions in WikiAnswers how can I get people to answer them?

There are some simple steps you can follow to increase the chances of having a question being answered. * Form the question properly, do not include unwanted words and phrase the question in proper language with sufficient explanation * Place the question in the proper category. Placing questions in the wrong category is one of the main reasons as to why questions go unanswered. * Do not edit the answer of a question and explain the question or ask for it to be answered. Some people post a question like: "What is ---------" and if it does not get answered for a few days, they edit the answer part and say "Can someone tell me What is -------". This greatly reduces the chance of that question being answered. People who visit the site to answer questions, usually search for unanswered questions and answer them. So if you do this way, the question status would not be "Needs Answer" and hence people may ignore such questions.

Why don't people give me trust points?

People often give trust points because he or she has answered their question in a good manner as far as ACTUALLY answering the question that was asked. You can earn trust points several other ways as well such as being very helpful to Supervisors, helping other contributors, being active etc.

Why can't you answer some of my questions on WikiAnswers?

The majority of unanswered questions on is not due to the answer being unknown... it is primarily due to the ambiguity of the questions for example... Why can't you answer some of my questions? Related Questions: Does the person who asked this question have an answer to a question and does not know how to post the answer? Does this person who asked this question wish to know why their question was left unanswered? As such it is highly recommended that questions be as specific as the answers the person who asked this question is searching for. Also, if your questions are not answered, you might want to put them in a category so it would be easier for someone to answer your questions. You can also add the questions unanswered to your watchlist.

Can you mention usernames in WikiAnswer questions?

As a rule, no. The simple act of being a supervisor does not make someone notable enough to have a question asked about them. Some supervisors include their username in questions that they use to more effectively organize questions on the site. This is allowed. Check the answers to such questions to see if they are such a question.

Why is this question worth being answered?

This question is worth being answered for several reasons. The first reason is because it fulfills the goal of WikiAnswers - to answer all of the questions in its Q & A database. The second reason is because I like answering questions, and just happen to know the answer to this particular question. The third reason is because someone else might have the same question, and if they look at this question, the answer is there as soon as they look it up.

How do you find the percentage of a circle?

This question is unanswerable because it is not specified what is that is being taken as a percent of a circle.

How long does questions which are deemed adds no value kept in the unanswered questions search results before being deleted?

This varies from question to question. Sometimes less than 1/2 hour, sometimes 3 weeks. My suggestion is to not ask non-valuable questions.

What is a response set?

A pattern of a participants response to questions on self report measure that is not related to what is being asked or the capacity of the question being asked.

Why can't I type question marks in Answers?

You can type ONE question mark right at the very end of your question. This is an intentional restriction to encourage questions that keep to a single topic and avoid rambling multiple questions being entered as one.

Is there a browser that will give direct answer to specific questions without ripping the question into pieces and give answer to everything but what is being asked?

Is there a browser that will give direct answers to specific questions without ripping the question into pieces and give answers to everything but what is being asked? Because when I think of computers and asking specific direct questions I would like the answer to that question without having to go through pages and pages of replies because my questions has been torn into pieces by a stupid browser that tears my question apart!!! So I go to for my question but they are never answered, even a simple question gets torn apart and I get pages of unrelated answers. On subjects unrelated to my question!!! When will somebody design a browser that will give answers to direct questions?

Will this EVER answer your questions?

Probably not if u want them right away and it all depends on what question is being asked!

Does the website answers always have an answer to a question?

Not to EVERY question - as there are always new questions being asked. Additionally - there might be a subject that has not been covered by a user.

Are the questions the wrong questions that are being asked?

No, all questions have an answer. Well, most do. If the question doesn't make sense, and it's grammar makes the littlest of sense that it cannot be modified to make it more reasonable, the question is unable to be answered. Some questions are inappropriate which, will be deleted by a Supervisor if they see it or a contributor will tell a Supervisor about the problem.

What question can not be answer?

Impossible and highly exaggerated questions. Or questions that ask about "out-of-this-world" things. But some things that are being questioned and cannot be answered are not yet revealed or discovered by humans.