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Q: How many revolutions does a bicycle wheel of diameter 70Cm make in travelling 110M?
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The diameter of a wheel is 42 cm calculate how many revolutions it will make travelling in 13.2 m?

0.42 * 13.2=5.544

How many revolutions are made by a wheel 40cm in diameter in travelling 352m?

Diameter = 40 cm implies circumference = 40*pi = 125.7 cm So, in travelling 352 metres = 35200 cm, the wheel will rotate 35200/125.7 = 280.1 times (approx).

A bicycle wheel makes 5000 revolutions in moving 11kmWhat is the radius of the wheel?

5000 revolutions in 11000m = 1 revolution every 2.2m Circumference is 2.2m Circumference is diameter times pi 2.2m dividied by pi divided by 2 (to go from diameter to radius) = 35.014cm

How many revolutions will a wheel make in travelling at 2 kilometers if its diameter is 700 millimeters?

If the diameter is 700 mm then the radius is 700/2 = 350mm The circumference of the circle is 2πr = 2π.350 = 2199.115 mm 1 kilometre = 1000 metres = 1000000 mm : 2km = 2000000mm Number of revolutions = distance travelled ÷ circumference of wheel. 2000000 ÷ 2199.115 = 909. 46 revolutions

The diameter of Sheree's bicycle wheel is 0.705 m Calculate how many turns the bicycle wheel will make if she rides the bicycle 1km?

The circumference of the wheel is Pi multiplied by the diameter (0.705). Divide 1000 meters (1km) by that answer - and you'll have your solution !

If wheel of bicycle makes 1000 revolutions in travelling 628m what is its radius?

Find how far one revolution goes - this is the circumference of the wheel; from this the radius can be calculated: 1000 revolutions = 628m 1 revolution = 0.628m =62.8cm Circumference = 2{pi}radius (pi ~= 3.14) radius = circumference / 2{pi} ~= 62.8cm / (2 x 3.14) = 62.8cm / 6.28 = 10cm

The diameter of kity's bicycle wheel is 24 inches what is the radius of the wheel?

Radius of the wheel: 24/2 = 12 inches

Federicos bicycle wheel has a diameter of 65 cm. What is the circumference of the wheel?

Circumference is equal to the diameter multiplied by pi, or 3,14. Multiply 65 x 3.14.

If a wheel is 2 feet in diameter and does 10000 revolutions per hour how fast is it going?

A wheel 2 feet in diameter turning 10000 revolutions per hour is going, at the rim, 17.45 feet per second, or 25.6 miles per hour.

What is the area of a 26 inch diameter bicycle wheel?

Area of bicycle wheel: pi*13 squared = 169*pi or about 531 square inches

The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 60 cm How far will the bicycle in 150 turns of the wheel?

11" Diameter x 3.145159 = 34.5575" Circumference 34.5575" Circum x 150 Revs = 5,183.6278" or 431.9689'

A wheel has a diameter of 21 inches. How far does it travel if it makes 30 complete revolutions?

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