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Q: How many right angles Dose a pentagon have?
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How many number of right angles dose a pentagon?

None normally as in the form of a regular 5 sided pentagon.

How many angles does a right angles and angles does a pentagon have?

a pentagon has 5 angles. In a regular pentagon, there are no right angles. Each angle is 72 degrees. In a irregular pentagon, there may be right angles...not sure how many..depends on how you draw it

How many right angles does it have in a pentagon?

A pentagon can have:none (regular or irregular pentagon)one, two or three right angles (irregular pentagon).

How many right angle does a regular pentagon have?

A regular pentagon has no right angles. An irregular pentagon could have no more than two right angles

How many right angles in a pentagon?

A pentagon can have anywhere from none to three right angles. For a pentagon to have any right angles however, it has to be uneven, because the sum of all interior angles of a pentagon always equals 540 degrees.

How many right angles are in a pentagon?

A two dimensional regular pentagon does not contain any right angles. A pentagonal prism, however, contains up to 10 right angles.

How many perpendiclar lines does a pentagon have?

None, since there are no right angles in a pentagon. The angles are 360/5 = 72o

How many right angles does a regular pentagon?


How many right angles does a regular pentagon has?


How many right angles are in a pen tagon?

A pentagon need not have any right angles at all, and in fact, a regular pentagon never has any.A pentagon that's not regular can have any number of right angles less than five.

How many right angles does a pentagon have?

A pentagon has 5 sides.A regular pentagon has no right angles (5 interior angles each 108 degrees).An irregular pentagon can have at most 3 right angles, because a 4th would leave 180 degrees to be used for the final angle (540-360), which is a straight line.

How many angles less thsn a right angle does a pentagono?

The square has four right angles. The pentagon has two right angles.

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