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As there are 180 degrees in every triangle, and you have to have three angles, you can only have one right angle.

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Q: How many right angles has a triangle?
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How many equal angles and right angles has a obtuse triangle have?

An obtuse triangle can have no right angles, and has two equal angles.

How many equal angles can a right triangle have?

A right triangle can have 2 equal angles if they are each 45° (any other right triangle will have no equal angles)

How many angles and right angles of triangle?


How many obtuse angles does a right triangle contain?

No right triangle can have any obtuse angles inside it.

How many right angles does a 2d triangle have?

it can have 1 if it is a right triangle.

How many right angles do a triangle?

A triangle can have at most one right angle.

How many right angles can a triangle have?

A triangle can have a maximum of 1 right angle!

How many right angles on a triangle?

it depends on what type of triangle

How many right angles can there be in a right triangle?


How many right angles do a right triangle have?

The most right angles a triangle can possibly have is 1. Any more than that, and it has to be a quadrilateral.

How many angles of a triangle can be right angles?

A triangle has only 1 right angle. It only has one side that can possibly be a right angle. The type of triangle varies.

How many angles are on a right triangle?