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Q: How many sceonds are in a day?
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What was the longest sex ever?

3 hours and 21 sceonds i held that record

How many sceonds in 7 minutes?

1 minutes = 60 seconds ⇒ 7 minutes = 7 x 60 seconds = 420 seconds

How old do you have to be for breast implants?

you have o be exactly 18 years 0 mounths 0days 0 minuites 0 secons 0 milla seconds 126 giga sceonds

How many ants to they eat in a day?

As many as 30,000 a day!

How many half minutes are in a day?

If there are 1440 minutes in a day then how many 32nd intervals are in a day

What do many school children do the day after Labor Day?

Many schools traditionally start after Labor Day.

How many hours and 1 day?

If you mean "how many hours are IN one day", then there are 24 hours in a day.

Veterans day is observed as what day in many parts of europe?

Veterans Day is observed as Remembrance Day in many parts of Europe. It is also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day.

How many people die a day in the world?

How many people sie a day

How many cell phones are made a day?

How many iPhones are made a day

How many pencils are made a day?

There are as many as 1 billion made a day.

When was Many a New Day created?

Many a New Day was created in 1943.

How to wish many many happy returns of the day in Malayalam?

hridhyam narzham janmadinashamsakal

How many people get married on Valentine's Day?

Many people are married on Valentines day, becasue it is considered the day of love. :)

How many times to you use the restroom in a day?

About 3 times a day. Or if you drink many liquids.....5 times a day.

How many people day every day in the world?

Day is not a verb.

How many vegetables can you have a day?

15 a day

How many minutes are there in a dogs day?

A dog day is a type of day, not a day of determinate length.

How many mm do kids grow a day?

how many mm do kids grow a day

How many day is 3221hours?

How many hours are in one day? Divide 3221 by that number.

How many people use wikapedia a day?

many people use it a day buckethead!

How many worms can a bird eat a day?

How many worms can a beird eat in a day

How many Valentine's Day cards are sent on Valentine's Day?

Too many to count

How do you say many happy returns of the day in kannada?

wish you many more happy returns of the day

How many minutes of day light is lost each day from the longest day to the shortest day?

how many minutes or seconds are lost each day from June 21 and onwards to Dec. 21?