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20 seconds, or as far as you can see down the road.

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Q: How many seconds should you search ahead of the vehicle for a open path of travel?
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How many seconds it takes a 6ft vehicle to travel 4 feet at 1 mph?

5.87 seconds.

Vehicle travels on highway at a rate of 65 mph how long does it take the vehicle to travel 25 miles?

23 minutes 4.6 seconds.

Always search the area in and near your intended path of travel how many seconds in front of your car?


How long does it take a vehicle to travel the distance of 412 feet at 45 miles per hour?

About 6.24 seconds at 45mph to travel 412 feet.

What distance should you travel behind another vehicle when going 65 miles per hour?

You should be 2-3 seconds behind a given point that the vehicle in front just passed. At 65 mph, that is 95 feet per second, so multiply by 2 or 3 and you should be 190-280 feet behind

How long would it take a vehicle traveling 74 mph to travel 176 yards on a straight road?

4.86 seconds.

How long does it take to travel a mile in a rocket ship?

The time required for a space vehicle to travel 1 mile is precisely(3,600 seconds)/(speed of the ship, in mph) .

How far can a 44 feet long vehicle travel in 2 seconds from a standing start?

[ (242/45) x (the vehicle's average speed in miles per hour) ] feet

How far will a vehicle whose speed is 50 mph travel is 11.3 seconds?

Convert the seconds to hours (dividing by 3600), then multiply the speed by the time. That will give you the distance (in miles, in this case).

For safe travel you should identify a planned path where your vehicle wil be ahead along your path for at least how many seconds?

You follow the vehicle ahead of you by 3 seconds, you should never plan a path where you will be unless you are switching lanes and need to know how much space you have because while driving things can change in an instant, for good defensive driving just be prepared for anything at any time, and always follow vehicles by 3 seconds from the time their rear bumper passes an object until your front bumper passes the same stationary object

What is her velocity if it takes her 60 seconds?

Takes her 60 seconds to do what? Travel 1 mile? Travel 10 miles?

What should I ask my travel agent to get the cheapest airline tickets?

Tell your travel agent that you are looking for a deal. In order to facilitate the search for the best bargains, be clear about when you can travel and be as flexible as possible.