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23 minutes 4.6 seconds.

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Q: Vehicle travels on highway at a rate of 65 mph how long does it take the vehicle to travel 25 miles?
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Which vehicle travel 186000 miles per second?

No known vehicle travels at the speed of light.

Does a ford f-150 travel more miles per gallon on the highway or on the streets?

Generally, any vehicle will get better mileage on the highway than on city streets. This is because on a highway the vehicle can travel at a constant speed without stops and starts. It is the idling and acceleration that consumes the difference in gas in city driving.

Is legal for Off highway vehicle to travel a public road?

Typically, no. There may be cases where an exception is granted by permit, and these will usually require that vehicle to be escorted by road legal vehicles.

What is the purpose of barrels filled with sand in front of an abutment such as a support for a highway over pass?

To reduce the force of impact on your vehicle by allowing your vehicle to travel farther than if it hit the abutment directly.

To travel on an animal or in a vehicle?


What is a vehicle for snow travel?

a snowmobile

How far can an average vehicle travel using one gallon of gasoline?

25 miles per gallon, as of 2004The distance a vehicle can travel on one gallon of gas varies by the year, make, model and condition of the vehicle and whether it is traveling on a highway or not. My car gets about 26 miles to the gallon but I can go about 35 miles to the gallon on my motorcycle.

What is it called to travel on an animal or in a vehicle?


How do you define a recreational vehicle?

A recreational vehicle is a motor vehicle used for recreational travel by road and is usually a van such as a camper or mobile home.

A vehicle for snow travel?

One vehicle often used for snow travel is the snowmobile. This vehicle is very popular in places like Canada and Alaska where snow often prohibits the use of regular motorized vehicles.

What is the vehicle used by Santa Claus to travel?

Santa pilots a large 12 passenger custom sleigh with extra-dimensional storage, time travel capabilities, and which can fly. That's usually what he travels in.

If a car travels 65 miles per hour how far will the vehicle travel in 3.5 hours?

All you have to do is multiply 65 by 3.5 which will give you 227.5 miles.

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