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25 will cover it. I'd get 28.

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Q: How many sheets of plywood needed to cover a 14x70 mobile home's roof with sheet of plywood 5x8?
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How much to siding a 14x70 mobile home?

If you use 3x8 aluminium sheets it will take approximately 70 to re-side that size of mobile.

How many sheets of metal does it take to roof a 14X70?

It will take 46 3 x 8 sheets.

How many BTU to cool a 14x70 mobile home?

15000 btu

What is the square footage of a 14x70 mobile home?

Presumably 14*70 = 980 sq ft!

How many square ft is in a 14x70?

14x70 would be 980 square feet, assuming the units of 14 & 70 is feet.

What is the height of a 14X70 mobile home?

The height of the structure is about 12 feet from bottom of frame to peak of roof. Actual total height when wheels are off and it's on foundation will vary.

How much could you earn if you were to scrap a 14x70 foot mobile home?

I don't think the readers understand my question. I want to know how much money the scrap metal I get from a 14x70 mobile would be worth. Not asking for any fees associated with or any thing that would come from the value of the scrap metal. Just the value of the scrap. I have pretty much gotten everything out that you can sell for scrap. Thank you very much Waiting for reply

How many boxes of vinyl siding is it going to take for a 14x70 mobile home?

It's going to take approximately 1400 square feet of siding. -I have no idea how much is in each of your boxes.

How many square feet are in a 14 x 80 building?

1120 .. 14 * 80 !!

What is the value of a 1982 14x70 Skyline mobile home?

The value of any mobile home is dependent on it's condition and where it's located. I see some in quite seedy parks that are for sale for much less than a similar mobile home in a really nice park. - I have seen many mobiles in terrible condition but the owners think it's normal. - You can ONLY get a realistic appraisal by carefully inspecting every aspect of mobiles yourself.

How many square feet is 14x70?

14 ft x 70 ft is equal to 980 sq ft (also 980 ft2)

What is the value of a 1995 mobile home by clayton?

To find out the NADA Book Value, you would need more information. Here is a link to the questions that will need to be answered. you have completed the form, you can go to the below link fro an online mobile home book value. -You have to evaluate it just like you do a house. The easiest way is to find a local realtor who specialises in mobiles (here in Canada there are many) and get him to come and assess it.

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