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Presumably 14*70 = 980 sq ft!

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Q: What is the square footage of a 14x70 mobile home?
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How can you get the square footage of your home?

measure it or ask the building contracter

Do vaulted ceilings count in square footage?

In short "YES" Real estate appraisers normally determine the square footage of a home by measuring the exterior of the building. If a home has two floors, the appraiser may just calculate the living space as being twice the size of the ground floor's dimensions. If you have a two-story home with vaulted ceilings, you actually have less usable square footage than someone with an identically sized home that does not have vaulted ceilings. Nevertheless, appraisers typically do not deduct the square footage you sacrificed when you chose to install vaulted ceilings. This means that in terms of usable square footage, homes with vaulted ceilings normally cost more than homes without vaulted ceilings.

What are good Math skills to put on a resume?

It depends on the job that you are trying to apply for... For instance, if you applying for a job as Home Depot you may want to list your ability to calculate the square footage of materials needed. Whatever skills you choose should be related to the job you are applying for.

When is a rhrombus a square?

A rhombus is a square slanted, if it wasnt a square then it wouldn't be a rhombus, if you have a look at a rhombus and a square but together, you can see the difference and if this is for homework get someone at home to help you out or research it yahoo answers or ask your mates thanks x

How much would it cost to move a 70X14 foot mobile home 25 miles?

That depends on if you're doing it yourself, or hiring a company to do it for you.

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What is the square footage on a 16x80 mobile home?

That square footage is 1280 square feet. Moderately big for a Mobile Home.

How many BTU to cool a 14x70 mobile home?

15000 btu

What is the typical square footage of a mobile home?

Most single wide mobile homes are 14 feet by 70 feet, giving them an approximate square footage of 980 sq ft. A typical double wide home is 28 feet by 70 feet for an approximate square footage of 1960. The square footage on a mobil home can vary greatly depending on the size of the home. The average mobil home has about 1000 square feet.

What is the square footage of a 16x60 mobile home?

That would be 960 sq. ft.

What is the Average square footage of 2 bedroom mobile home?

1,400 -1,500 sq. feet.

What is the square footage for a 14 x 70 mobile home roof?

1000 sq ft.

How much to siding a 14x70 mobile home?

If you use 3x8 aluminium sheets it will take approximately 70 to re-side that size of mobile.

How many sheets of plywood needed to cover a 14x70 mobile home's roof with sheet of plywood 5x8?

25 will cover it. I'd get 28.

How many boxes of vinyl siding is it going to take for a 14x70 mobile home?

It's going to take approximately 1400 square feet of siding. -I have no idea how much is in each of your boxes.

Does home square footage take multiple floors into account?

Square footage is all living area regardless of which or how many floors.

How can you get the square footage of your home?

measure it or ask the building contracter

Is the square footage of your house part of your lot?

Yes and no. If the home is a one story, then obviously whatever the square footage of it is, is what square footage of land is underneath it. Now, if you have a two story home you wouldn't be able to use the square footage. You may ask why is that. Because now your square footage is equal to up and down stairs. In turn this will double the square footage. I wanted to add to this question that most lots are meassured by length and width. So lets say your length is 130 FT and your width is 60 FT, You multiply the two numbers and come up with the square footage of your lot, 7800square feet.