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That would depend on how thick the polythene sheets were.

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Q: How many sheets of polythene would it take to make a stack 6 inches tall?
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What would you call 500 sheets of paper?

A stack of papers.

How to make a simple Cheap Green House?

Sheets of thick polythene stretched over a framework of bamboo canes would work.

If you folded a peice of paper 50 times and the thickness was .1 mm when you started how thick would it be?

It is physically impossible to fold a piece of paper in half more than 8 times. However, assuming you could do it (though it would be easier to cut the pile so far in half and put one half on top of the other), then: After 1 fold the stack has 2 sheets After 2 folds the stack has 4 sheets After 3 folds the stack has 8 sheets After n folds the stack has 2^n sheets After 50 folds the stack will be 2⁵⁰ sheets thick As each sheet is 0.1mm, the stack will be: 2⁵⁰ × 0.1 mm = 112589990684262.4 mm thick = 112589990.6842624 km thick ≈ 1.126 × 10¹¹ m thick

A stack of a million 1 bills would be how many inches?

That would be 4300 inches -about a s high as a 35 story building

How tall would a stack of 100 pennies be in cm?

A stack of 100 pennies would measure 15.2cm or six inches tall. (A penny has a thickness of 0.152cm)

How tall would a stack of 1000 one dollar bills be?

According to the U.S. Treasury a dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. Therefore, a stack of 1,000 one dollar bills would be: 4.3 inches thick.

How many quarters would it take to stack to 61 inches?

870; a quarter has a thickness of about 0.07 inches, and 61 / 0.07 = 870.

How many nickels would make 100 inches tall?

A stack of 1303 nickels.

What do you call a group of paper?

Usually a group of paper is called a ream. This would be around 500 sheets. Otherwise it is referred to as a stack of paper.

How can you make nickels 100 inches tall how many nickels would you need?

how many nickels would it take to stack nickels 100 inches tall

How high would a stack of 195 hundred dollar bills be?

195 100-dollar bills would be 0.84 inches tall.

How many sheets of plywood do you need for a 22x22 inch floor?

22 X22 inches it would be just one. If you mean 22 X 22 feet you would need 18 4X8 sheets.

How many inches makes a ream of paper?

A Ream is a measure of the NUMBER of sheets of paper (500 sheets) How thick that would be will depend on the weight of the paper. Heavier paper is thicker.

If you use 1000 dollar bills and stack them what would be the measurement be of that pile of one thousand dollar bills?

4.3 inches

If Janice stacks twelve three quarter inch thick boards How high is the stack?

12 x 3 / 4 = 9 The stack of 12 boards would be 9 inches high.

How many 8X11 sheets of paper placed end to end would it take to go around the earth?

The earth is about 24,900 miles circumference at the equator. That's 1,577,664,000 inches. At 11 inches sheet length, divide by 11. That's 143,424,000 sheets

How many inches thick would 100 pieces of paper be?

A sheet of standard copy paper is about .004 in thick. 100 sheets would therefore have a thickness of about 0.4 in. Modern, lightweight paper sold for home printing is much thinner and 500 sheets have a thickness of 1" approx. So, 100 sheets would be about 0.2 in.

Would like two examples of an electric insulator?

polythene and perspex

How high would a stack of 20 bills be if you had 50000 20 bills?

The US paper currency (which is all the same size) is reportedly 0.0043 inches thick.Thus 50000 * 0.0043 = 215 inches

If you cut a piece of paper in half 50 times and stack it how tall is the stack?

The first cut will produce 2 sheets (21 or 2 to the first power), the next cut will produce 4 sheets (22 or 2 to the second power or 2 times 2), the next cut will produce 8 sheets (23 or 2 to the third power or 2 times 2 times 2), the next cut will produce 16 sheets (24 or 2 to the fourth power or 2 times 2 times 2 times 2) and so on. The 50th cut will produce (250) sheets and that will be 1,125,899,906,842,624 sheets. If paper avgerages 0.081 mm thickness per sheet (per, that would make the sheet stack 91,197,892,454,252.544 mm thick. Conversion to other units is left as an Excercise for the Student.

How tall is a stack of one billion dollars in one dollar bills?

Theoretically, 67.866 miles. If any bill is not compressed any further than its "normal" thickness of 0.0043 inches (0.11 mm), then one billion bills would make a stack of 4.3 million inches (67.8 miles).

What is the thickness of a dollar bill?

A US dollar bill is 0.0043 inches (just over 1/10 mm) thick, requiring nearly 233 dollar bills for a stack 1 inch high. A billion dollars in a vertical stack would then be 67.8 miles high. (4.3 million inches).

Plywood is made by sticking thin sheets of wood together so that the grain of each sheet is cross directional why is this?

This is done to not only make the wood sheet thicker, but is also done to strengthen the overall sheet. If all the grains were in one direction, the stack of sheets would only be strong in forces acting in that direction. However, if the grains had multiple directions, the overall stack of sheets would be much stronger. They are probably only done perpendicularly for convenience in cutting, because if all 360-degrees were used, it would be a lot more difficult to cut straight lines.

How many nickels would it take to make a stack of them 100 inches tall?

Nickels are 1.95 mm thick, although that could vary depending on wear. 1.95mm is about 0.076-0.077 inches. So, it would be about 1298-1316 nickels.

How thick is 11 gauge steel in inches?

11 ga stainless steel is 0.118 inches thick or if you stack 11 pieces of 11 ga stainless steel it would be one inch thick.