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"Poly" means many. A polygon has many sides. A pentagon has five sides.

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Q: How many side does a polygon have?
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How many side a polygon has?

A polygon can have 3 or more sides

How many side does a trigon polygon have?

the trigon have 3 side

What is the side of a polygon?

the side of a polygon is 6

How many side do a polygon have?

Three or more

How many side and vertices does a 10 side polygon?

Ten of each

If a polygon has 20 angles how many sides does it have?

There is a corresponding side to every angle. 20... A polygon has as many sides as it does angles.

How many sides are in a 32 side polygon?


How many triangles does a 1000 side polygon have?


If a polygon has 35 side how many vertices does it have?


What is the 11 side polygon?

The 11 side polygon is called bysocleptron

How many sides does a polygon has?

Depends. "Polygon" is a general term for a shape with more than one side.

How many number of side does it have in a closed polygon with 14 diagonals?

A polygon with 14 diagonals will have 7 sides

What is a 3 side polygon?

A 3 side polygon is a TRIANGLE.

Polygon with 10 side is called?

10 side polygon is called decogon

How many lines of symmetry do polygon have from vertex to side?


How many side does a hexzagon?

An hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

How many side does a haptagon have?

A heptagon is a polygon with 7 sides.

A polygon for which there is a line containing a side of the polygon that also contains a point in the interior of the polygon?

concave polygon

Is a concave polygon a polygon for which there is no line that contains both a side of the polygon and a point in the interior of the polygon?


IF a regular polygon has exterior angles that measure 60 each how many side does the polygon have?

It has 360/60 = 6 sides

What polygon has 1 sides?

There is no polygon with one side.

Which of these is a polygon?

A polygon has 3 or more joined side

How many side are there in a polygon if on of the interior angles measures 120?


How many diagonals can you draw in a polygon with 18 side?

153 diagonals.

What is an angle formed by one side of a polygon and the extension of the adjacent side?

An exterior angle of the polygon.