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An n-sided polygon or n-gon, just like it sounds, has n sides. For example, a 13-sided polygon has 13 sides. A 24-gon has 24 sides.

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Q: How many sides does a n side polygon have?
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How many sides does an n-sided polygon have?


How many sides does a polygon with n vertice have?


If a regular polygon has a side length of 2.75m what is the perimeter?

If the polygon has n sides, then the perimeter is 2.75*n metres.

What formula do you use to find edges of a polygon?

If 'n' is the number of sides in a polygon with equal side length, then the number of sides is equivalent to (n-2)*180 degrees = total degrees in the polygon. E.g.) A polygon is even-sided with 360 degrees in its interior. How many sides does it have? Answer: (n-2)*180 = 360 n - 2 = 2 n = 4

How many diagonals does a regular polygon have?

For a polygon with n sides, there would be n*(n-3)/2

How does one find the perimeter of a polygon?

If there is regular polygon(having equal sides), then perimeter is L*N where L is length of side and N is no. of sides. If polygon is not regular then may Perimeter is equal to sum of all sides, if size of each side is known.

How many degrees are in each polygon?

That depends on how many sides the polygon has but in general the number of degrees inside a polygon are: (n-2)*180 = sum of degrees whereas 'n' is the number of sides of the polygon.

Is a polygon with 8 sides have 15 diagonals?

A normal convex polygon cannot have 15 diagonals. If it has n sides, it has n*(n-3)/2 diagonals and this is equal to 15 if n = 7.18. However, it is not possible for a polygon to have a fractional side.

How many polygon do we have?

Infinitely many. For each integer n (greater than 2), there is a polygon with n sides or n vertices.

How many diagonals are there in a polygon of n sides?


How many parallel sides does a polygon have?

A polygon with n sides can have n pairs of parallel sides (if n is even) or (n-1)/2 pairs if n is odd AND greater than 3. But it need not have any.

How many diagonals does a 20-sides polygon have?

A polygon with n sides had n*(n-3)/2 diagonals. So a 20 sided polygon would have 20*17/3 = 170

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