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An octagon has 8 sides and a pentagon has 5 sides so it follows that 8+5 = 13 sides

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Q: How many sides does an octagon and a pentagon have in all?
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What of these has exactly 4 sides parallelgram pentagon square octagon trapazoid or a rectangle?

All of them have, except the pentagon and octagon.

What is the exact shape and a definition for each of these polygons nonagon octagon heptagon pentagon?

They are all regular shapes like a circle but with straight sides all the same length and all angles the same in each shape: nonagon - 9 sides octagon - 8 sides heptagon - 7 sides pentagon - 5 sides and missing from the list is hexagon - 6 sides.

What shapes have more sides than a pentagon?

Hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon all have more sides than a pentagon

You do not have any right angles all your sides are the same length what are you?

I am a rhombus or an equillateral triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon etc.

Is every pentagon a polygon?

yes a pentagon is one of the polygons and it has 5 sides and a polygon can be made with all sides straight and they have to be all in a closed shape if it has a little bit of open space it is not a polygon polygons: Quadrilateral 4 sides Pentagon 5 sides Hexagon 6 sides Octagon 8 sides hepatgon 7 sides Nonagon 9 sides Decagon 10 sides hope my answer is useful!

How many parallel sides does octagon have?

All sides of an octagon are parallel to one other side. There are 4 sets of parallel sides.

A pentagon and a regular pentagon have how many sides?

it has 5 sides A pentagon has five sides. "Regular" means that they are all the same length. A pentagon has 5 sides. 5 There are 5 sides in a regular pentagon a plane figure with five sides and angles There are 5 sides 5 5 sides

How many sides does an octagon have all together?


What is a shape with more than four straight sides?

A pentagon (5-sides), hexagon (6-sides), heptagon (7-sides), and octagon (8-sides) are all examples of shapes with more than four straight sides.

All shapes of polygons?

triangle-3 sides square, rectangle, parallelogram- 4 sides pentagon-5 sides hexagon-6sides heptagon-7 sides octagon-8 sides nonagon- 9 sides decagon-10 sides and etc.

Are all sides of an octagon the same size?

Not necessarily. If all sides are the same size, and all angles are also the same, then it is called a "regular octagon". But an irregular octagon is still an octagon - the only requirement is that it have 8 sides.

How many sides does 5 hexagons 3 octagon and 2 decagons have in all?

There are 74 sides in all.