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A trapezoid is a quadrilateral shape that has four sides.

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Q: How many sides go to make a trapezoid?
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How many rhombi go into a trapezoid?

It can be argued that a rhombus can fit inside a trapezoid. However, there are others who debate that a trapezoid can never be a rhombus because it is defined to have exactly one pair of parallel sides.

What is a quadrilateral with two sides of parallel lines?

it might be a rhombus a trapezoid. A quadrilateral is a shape with 4 sides, and parallel sides are sides that go the same direction. .....__________parallel with bottom ..../ . . . . . . . . . \ .../. . . . . . . . . . \ not parallel with other side ../. . . . . . . . . . . \ /_____________\parallel with top The dots are so it doesn't change. sorry.

What shapes go into a trapezoid?


Are parallelograms trapezoids?

There is disagreement among authors on this. It depends on your definition of a trapezoid. A parallelogram is defined as a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel. A trapezoid is defined as either- a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides, or- a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.Therefore, if you go with the former definition, yes all parallelograms are trapezoids, because all parallelograms have at least one pair of parallel sides. If you use the latter definition, no.The "at least one" definition is consistent with the trapezoid's uses in higher math, such as the trapezoidal rule for approximating integrals.You can say, however, that all trapezoids are not parallelograms.

What 2 shapes go into a trapezoid?

triangles and rhombuses

Draw a pentagon no equal sides?

Make sure that the sides go in order from either 1-9 or 2-10.

Do you name a polygon by the name of its shape?

no you go by how many sides it has

How many lines go threw a regular polygon with 22 sides?

Infinitely many lines will go through any point.

The chromosomes move to opposite poles during?

yes they go in the oppostite sides to make duplicate

What is the perimeter of a trapezoid with the lengths of 6 and 8 and 9?

go ask yor teacher .

If a polygon has 13 sides how many times does a triangle go into it?

13 triangles will go into a 13-sided polygon.

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