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Q: How many sine waves does a loudspeaker produce in 1 second if its frequency is 256 Hertz?
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What unit is sound frequency measured in?

Frequency is measured in hertz. Cycles per second.

Which property is expressed in units of hertz?

dynamic frequency, which is cycles per second, or Hertz

What is 8 ohms in hertz?

That is possibly the input impedance of a loudspeaker - not an impedance of an amplifier.

What is greater hertz or second?

A second is a length of time, while a hertz is a unit of frequency, so you can have as many hertz in a second as you want. therefore it depends on what frequency you are talking about, as you can have hundreds of thousands of hertz per second.

The number of cycles per second is called?

Frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz)

What units are used to measure wave frequency?

The hertz (symbol Hz) is the SI unit of frequency defined as the number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon

Hertz Hz is the unit used to measure a wave's?

Hertz means cycles per second. That is its' frequency.

The si unit for frequency is the?

The SI unit for frequency is Hertz, the number of cycles per second.

What is the unit measure of frequency?

Hertz, hz= 1/second is the unit measure of frequency.

What is 12 a second?

It is a frequency of 12 Hertz.

How is the term hetz abbreviated Hz related to a waves frequency?

It's "hertz", not "hetz". The number of hertz is the frequency. For example, if the current has a frequency of 50 hertz... well, that's the frequency. Hertz is equivalent to cycles/second, and it is sometimes written that way. So, 50 hertz could also be written as 50 cycles/second.

What is the frequency of a sintar in meter per second?

Frequency is measured in Hertz, not metres per second.