How many sixtenths are in 34?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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There are 544 of them.

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Q: How many sixtenths are in 34?
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What is greater seven sixtenths or three eighths?

7/16 is greater.

How do you convert ten-sixtenths into a decimal?

ten and six tenths = 10.6 in decimal

What is the quotent when the decimal number ten and sixtenths is divided by fourhundreths?

The quotient is 265.

Is 7 thirds and 28 sixtenths equivalent?

7/3 and 28/16 are not equivalent.

What are equivalent fractions for 1 quarter?

2 eighths, 4 sixtenths. there's heaps :)

What is the reciprocal of nine sixtenths?

16 / 9 To find the reciprocal simply switch the numerator and the denominator with one another.

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34 oz are in 34 oz.

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