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29 lineal carpet metres should cover 104 square metres

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Q: How many sq feet will 29 lineal meters carpet cover?
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How many lineal meters of carpet to cover 1500 square feet?

Lineal metres = Square metre/Width of the carpet.

How many lineal feet in 42 square meters?

14400 lineal feet to square meters

How do you Convert lineal feet to lineal meters?

Multiply feet by 0.3048

How many lineal feet is 45 lineal meters?


How many lineal feet is 156 lineal meters squared?

156 meters squared = 24,336 meters.

If I want to cover 2500 square feet how much lineal feet do I need?

This can not be answered without more information. You need to know the width of the item being measured by length (which is what lineal foot refers to). If it is a roll of carpet 25 feet wide, you would need 100 lineal feet to cover 2500 sqare feet. If it is a 2.5 foot counter top, you would need 1000 lineal feet. Divide 2500 by the width in feet of the material being measured and you will get the number of lineal feet required.

How to convert linear feet into meters?

Converting Lineal Feet to Meters is (LF*12)/39.37

How many lineal feet in 521 meters?

521 m = 1709.32 feet

How many square feet does 6 lineal feet cover?

Lineal or Linear feet is generally the length of a given width. In flooring it is also know as "running feet" at a given product width. With regard to flooring, a company may sell a product (carpet for instance) at a width of 12 feet only and the price will be set per foot length at 12 feet wide. So if carpet costs $10.00 per lineal foot at 12 feet wide then a 12 foot wide by 10 foot long piece would cost you $100.00. To work out how many linear/lineal feet of carpet you will need take the total square feet you need to cover and divide by 12 (or whatever the standard selling width is) the answer is how many linear feet you will need.

How many lineal meters are in a square meter when trying to measure carpet.?

There are 0.273 lineal metres is a carpet with a standard width of 3.66 metres (from the only imperical measure of 12 feet). The calulation is 0.273 (length) x 3.66 (standard width) = 0.99918 square metres. If you purchased 1 lineal metre of standard carpet you would have 3.66 square metres of carpet. Lineal refers to the length of any item irrespective of it's width and is normally used when the item is produced in standard width's.

Convert 760 lineal feet to cubic meters?

Not a valid conversion.

How many lineal feet of cove base do you need to cover 3330 square feet of carpet?

The area of the carpet does not provide any information on its shape. It could be circular (the least cove base required), to a square (intermediate) to a very long thin strip (maximum).

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